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DVCNews Debates: Disney Magic

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"Disney Magic" is a funny thing, in that it's entirely unique to every guest.  To some, it's having their child chosen to perform with a BoardWalk busker or receiving special attention from a character.  To others, it's a unique surprise left in their hotel room or villa. Sometimes it's just a Cast Member who goes above-and-beyond to make the trip a little more special.  But the frequency with which Disney Vacation Club members visit may leave it difficult for Disney to meet guest expectations.  

 Topic:  Do you still feel the "Disney Magic" as a DVC member?

DVCNews Debates: Changing Habits

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Given the high costs to buy, Disney Vacation Club purchasers tend to be seasoned guests of either Disneyland or Walt Disney World.  But owning DVC points does put a new spin on things.  The annual allotment of points could mean more frequent trips or upgraded accommodations.  It could mean trying different seasons and trip lengths.  But for some, perhaps things didn't change much at all.  There's nothing wrong with spending a week each year in a Polynesian villa instead of a week in a Polynesian hotel room.   

 Topic:  Did your travel patterns change after buying DVC points?  If so, how?

DVCNews Debates: Online Check In

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Disney's online check-in process removes much of the human element from arriving at a Disney resort.  That can be good, or it can be bad.  On the plus side, guest names, credit card information, arrival time and other critical information is confirmed even before arrival.  If all goes as planned, time spent waiting for a Cast Member to confirm these details is eliminated.  However, with that human interaction gone, there isn't always an opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion with the staffer who can help with special needs, room requests and so on.    

 Topic:  Do you prefer to use the online check-in option or wait until arrival to finalize all of the details?

DVCNews Debates: Grand Villa vs Two Smaller Rooms

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Grand Villas are among the most luxurious accommodations Disney Vacation Club has to offer.  Many are spread over two stories with three private bedrooms, 3-4 bathrooms, full dining rooms and other unique amenities like a media room or billiards table.  But they are also very expensive.  In most cases, guests could book a Two Bedroom villa plus another Studio or One Bedroom for fewer points.  At certain resorts, 2 Two Bedroom villas can be cheaper than a single Grand Villa while sleeping as many or more guests.   

 Topic:  If traveling with a group of 10-12 close friends or family, would you book a single Grand Villa or multiple smaller rooms?

DVCNews Debates: Attendance decline

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Last week, industry reports indicated that all the Disney parks in the US experienced a decline in attendance ranging from .05% at Disney's Hollywood Studios to 1.8% at Disneyland.  This has lead some to speculate that Disney's high pricing and declining quality have finally caught up with them.  The only noteworthy additions to the Disney parks in 2016 were the 'Soarin Around the World' update at Epcot and Disney California Adventure and Frozen Ever After, also at Epcot.  Both of these additions debuted midway through the year.   

 Topic:  Is this attendance decline just a one-time blip or the beginning of a trend?