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DVCNews Debates: Grocery Shopping

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A decade ago there were a few options for securing groceries for a Disney resort stay.  Typically it came down to either renting a car, using a town car or taxi from the airport which included a grocery stop or buying from Disney at inflated prices.  In more recent years, additional options have emerged including grocery deliver services, bulk shipments from Amazon or other retaliers and even the Uber car service.

 Topic:  How do you purchase groceries for your Disney resort stay?

DVCNews Debates: DVC as an investment

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The rental market for Disney Vacation Club points is quite brisk.  Offering substantial savings off Disney's cash rates, renting points not only saves the guest money but provides the owner with a noteworthy return on their points.  Even resale values are doing well with many resorts selling for more today than they did when new.  But in light of the high purchase price and rising annual dues, is the rental return sufficient to justify DVC as an investment?

 Topic:  Have you ever considered buying DVC points as an investment?

DVCNews Debates: Exclusive Merchandise

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Disney has created a number of exclusive retail items for Disney Vacation Club Members over the years.  Included are unique shirt designs, including some from the likes of Tommy Bahama and Nike, jewelry from Alex & Ani and Pandora, Dooney & Bourke handbags, coffee cups, trading pins, board games and much more.  But is there some opportunity Disney is missing?

 Topic:  What retail merchandise would you like to see Disney produce exclusively for DVC members (or produce more often)?

DVCNews Debates: Due Diligence

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A Disney Vacation Club purchase is a major financial committment for most poeple.  As such, it requires a fair amount of research.  Some people recommend touring some or all of the various resorts before buying.  Some suggest renting points to experience a resort first hand.  Others claim that being an experienced Disney resort guest is sufficient to gain an adequate understanding of the DVC lifestyle.

 Topic:  How thoroughly should buyers research a resort before committing themselves to a specific "Home"?

DVCNews Debates: Seasonal Reallocation

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The 5 seasons on Disney Vacation Club points charts were designed to help balance demand over the year.  Slower periods were priced cheaper to increase demand while peak seasons were priced higher to lessen demand.  However, over the 25+ year history of DVC, the balance has gradually been thrown off.  Cheap periods like October and early December are now in high demand while slower periods like May and late-August are seemingly overpriced.  Adjustments to the seasons would bring the charts more in tune with owner demand, however members would likely lose some of the more economical stays to which they have grown accustomed.

 Topic:  Should DVC adjust the seasons to better reflect current demand?