Point Rental Guide for Members

Point Renting

Renting out unneeded Disney Vacation Club points can be a profitable way to dispose of points that may otherwise expire unused. While DVC does offer point banking opportunities, there are deadlines associated with those transactions and points can only be rolled-forward one year.  The ability to rent out points could even provide the owner with a financial boost during a period when he/she is unable to travel for business, personal, financial, medical or other reasons. 

The going rate for points tends to be in the $12-14 range.  With most members paying annual dues of $4-5 per point, the net proceeds make it a worthwhile transaction. 

The idea is simple:  For an agreed-upon price, the Disney Vacation Club member makes a reservation in the name of the non-member renting points.  A room is booked and money changes hands.  Disney is not involved in the transaction--aside from the actual booking process coordianted via DVC Member Services.

There are numerous ways for members to make contact prospective renters.  Point rental forums exist at websites such as DISBoards.com and MouseOwners.com.  Members can scour the "wanted" listings or simply post the number of points they are offering.  Other owners use sites like eBay and Craig's List to offer up points for rent. 

Another option is to go through a third-party broker who matches up parties with point available to those who are looking to rent.  DVCNews.com recommends using David's Disney Vacation Club Rentals 

DVCRequest.com operates on a commission basis, retaining a portion of the proceeds of each rented point.  In return for this fee, the transaction is almost entirely hands-off for the member.  DVCRequest.com finds a rental partner, checks availability, coordinates booking with the points, collects the rental fee, and so on.  Visit DVCRequest.com for complete details.

Those who choose to rent on their own are responsible for managing the entire transaction. 

A few tips...particularly for those who wish to manage their own transaction:
  • Determine your rental terms ahead of time.  Know exactly what you are offering, when payment is due, what sort of accommodations (if any) will be made for cancellations, etc.
  • Draw up a contract so that everything is spelled out in writing. 
  • Be prepared to take punitive action if the renter misses a deadline.  If the agreement stipulates that final payment is due more than 30 days prior to arrival (to avoid points going into Holding if cancelled), the member should be ready to enforce those rules.
  • Members who have rented points previously should ask several past clients to serve as a referral. 
  • Be prepared for the probability of investing a lot of time trying to rent points. 
    • Renting points tends to bring out a lot of "window shoppers" who are not terribly serious. 
    • Some potential renters will ask to check availability on literally dozens of resort / date combinations.  The DVC member must perform all of these inquiries.
    • Renters tend to be bargain hunters looking for the best deal.  Transactions have been cancelled over $.50 per point if a better deal is found elsewhere. 
    • The DVC member must coordinate booking of dining plans for the renters (which now requires pre-payment) and scheduling of Disney's Magical Express.
  • Given that the DVC member retains full control of the reservation, some renters tend to be very nervous throughout the process.  It is not unheard of for a renter to reach-out to the member numerous time leading up to the reservation date just to "make sure everything is OK."
  • Expect that the higher the asking price, the more work it will take to rent the points.