DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates: New Member Cruise Destination

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesAlthough expensive, the Disney Vacation Club members-only cruises have proven very popular with owners. So popular that 2019 will see two exclusive voyages for Members. Features include celebrity guests, unique seminars and presentations, shipboard gifts and more. The cruises have journeyed to a variety of destinations including the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Eastern Canada, Alaska and along the Pacific Coast.  

What destination would you like to see offered in a members-only cruise?

DVCNews Debates: Fixing Moonlight Magic

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesFree theme park admission, free food, limited attendance...Moonlight Magic is pretty good, eh? Still Disney Vacation Club has tweaked the recipe a bit since the events launched. There have been changes in the sign-up process, changes in refreshment offerings, more dates, more locations. But there is always room for further improvement. 

What would you change about the DVC Moonlight Magic events?

DVCNews Debates: Bungalow, Cabin or Grand Villa

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club now has a variety of high-end accommodations for those seeking an extra magical stay. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort features the watertop Bungalows, each with a private pool. At Copper Creek, the beachfront cabins sleep 8 while providing dramatic views of Bay Lake. And numerous resorts have 1-2 story Grand Villas which sleep up to 13 guests with special amenities ranging from media rooms to billiard tables.

Which elite DVC accommodation would you choose: Bunaglow, Cabin or Grand Villa?

DVCNews Debates: Boulder Ridge vs Copper Creek, Round 2

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesNow that Copper Creek Villas & Cabins has been open for more than a year, it's probably time to revisit the topic. Having opened back in 2000, Boulder Ridge is the older Disney Vacation Club development with larger villas located in a separate building. Copper Creek rooms are in the main lodge building. Although the villas are a bit smaller, ownership at Copper Creek includes 11 month booking rights for the beachfront cabins and 3 bedroom Grand Villas. Decor also varies between the two. 

Which Wilderness Lodge DVC do you prefer: Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek?

DVCNews Debates: Using Small Point Balance

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesOne of the great things about Disney Vacation Club is that there are resorts and rooms to fit all budgets. A Studio room can be booked for as few as 9 points per night. Still, it isn’t always practical to travel hundreds of miles for a short trip. Imagine you have 25 points available which cannot be banked and no other points to borrow.

How would you get rid of 25 points before they expire?