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DVCNews Debates: King (or Queen) for a Day

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesWe've taken a pretty serious approach with most of these topics thus far.  This time let's try something a little more lighthearted.



Topic:  If you were put in charge of the Disney Vacation Club for a day, what would you change about the program?


DVCNews Debates: July 28, 2008

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesIn recent weeks we've witnessed a number of negative stories linked to the Disney theme parks.  The Pleasure Island clubs are closing, Fantasmic performances are being scaled back for the first time in its history, character meals are being eliminated, the Pocahontas show is closing.  At the same time Disney has not publicly announced any new construction wihin the theme parks.  All of this comes during a period of relative economic uncertainty.

Topic:  Do any of Disney's recent moves (or lack thereof) have you rethinking your current or future plans in relation to DVC ownership?


DVCNews Debates: July 21, 2008

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club has made both positive changes (added Animal Kingdom Villas to program, larger AKV rooms, AP discount, free Internet, improved sofabeds, improved mattresses and linens) and negative changes (banking window, transfer policies, $95 booking fee) in recent years.  And the jury is still out regarding the impact of changes like the new booking policy based on arrival date.  

Topic:  Overall do you think members are better or worse off than they were three years ago?


DVCNews Debates: July 14, 2008

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesOne of the worst kept Disney secrets appears to be the forthcoming villas at Disney's Comteporary Resort (a.k.a. Kingdom Tower Villas, Bay Lake Tower.)  Many regard this resort as DVC's crown jewel.  We suspect that it will be a moderately-sized building (about 300 villas) and that at least some villas will have the highest per-night point requirements in the DVC program (Magic Kingdom view?)

Topic:  What is the upper limit that DVC can expect to charge per point for ownership at the Contemporary?

DVCNews Debates: July 7, 2008

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesEditor's Note:  Today we debut a regular feature which asks site members for feedback on a topic relevant to many Disney Vacation Club members.  All readers are welcome to share their thoughts in our forum.

Topic:  Should Disney Vacation Club management allow members to be more directly involved in policy decision-making?
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