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DVCNews Debates: Villa size for 5

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Over the years, Disney Vacation Club has taken numerous approaches to accommodating a party of 5 guests.  Originally all Studio and One Bedroom villas were limited to just 4 guests, forcing those with 5 or more to reserve a Two Bedroom.  Even today, the Value rooms at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas and Copper Creek Villas would require a party of 5 to book a Two Bedroom.  Most other One Bedroom and even Studio villas now accommodate 5 with the addition of sleeper chairs or Murphy Beds.  Of course, comfort level in each of those situations is open to interpretation.    

 Topic:  Taking into account the point cost, which villa size would you book for a party of 5?

DVCNews Debates: Additional Lounge

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In 2016, Disney Vacation Club opened a members-only lounge in Epcot.  The benefits are rather modest:  comfortable seating in a private air conditioned space, free soft drinks, smartphone charging stations.  Nevertheless, the spot has proven quite popular among owners.    

 Topic:  In what other location would you like to see a DVC members-only lounge?

DVCNews Debates: Culinary Magic Events

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For several years, Disney Vacation Club has been hosting recurring 'Culinary Magic' events exclusively for members.  Typically timed to holidays like Mother's Day or Thanksgiving, these events are essentially private buffet or family style meals hosted in convention facilities.  Unique character greet opportunities, dance parties and other activities are staples.  Prices are reflective of the Disney norm, with adults typically paying $70-80 per person for a character buffet.  

 Topic:  Do you have any interest in the Culinary Magic events?  Have you ever attended; if so, what are your thoughts?

DVCNews Debates: Resale Price Decline

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All Disney Vacation Club contracts have fixed ending dates.  Some popular resorts like Disney's Beach Club Villas and Disney's BoardWalk Villas have end dates less than 25 years away in January 2042.  All of the new resorts Disney continues to build feature contracts that are valid for a full 50 years.  Nevertheless, the popularity of select older locations has lead to resale prices which continue to climb--some now going for 50-75% more than their initial selling price.  

 Topic:  When do you think resale prices will begin to fall for resorts with the 2042 ending date?

DVCNews Debates: Pets in Villas

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During Hurricane Irma, Disney lifted its usual restrictions and allowed resort guests to bring pets into their hotel rooms and villas.  A series of rules and restrictions were put in place, dictating that leashes be used at all times, certain areas were completely off limits (restaurants, lounges, pools), designated animal relief areas and a requirement that pets never be left unattended in guest rooms.  Nevertheless, outside of compliance with Federal ADA laws, this would seem to mark the first time that Disney resorts opened their doors to four-legged friends. 

 Topic:  Do you agree or disagree with the decision to permit pets in Disney resort rooms?  Should the pet restrictions be lifted entirely?