DVCNews Debates

DVCNews Debates: New DVC Location

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesAs always, there are many rumors regarding the next Disney Vacation Club resort beyond Riviera which is currently under construction.  Among those potential locations are a resort at Ft. Wilderness, near the front gate to Epcot, in the current location of the Contemporary Convention Center, and in the new Disneyland resort set to break ground this summer.   

 Topic:  Which rumored DVC location is of most interest to you?

DVCNews Debates: Best Mode of Transportation

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesWalt Disney World seemingly has every mode of transportation covered:  Monorail, buses, boats, Minnie Vans, Skyliner (soon!), even walking paths between many destinations.  But of all those options, which one is the best?

 Topic:  What is your favorite mode of transportation for getting around Walt Disney World?

DVCNews Debates: Riviera Resort Price

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesLast summer, Disney Vacation Club announced plans to build Disney's Riviera Resort.  Located adjacent to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, the new timeshare destination would provide Skyliner transportation to two parks, a rooftop restaurant and more.  Recent price increases have pushed rates for Copper Creek Villas & Cabins and Aulani to $182 per point.  With Riviera still nearly 2 years away, we are left to wonder how much further prices may rise.

 Topic:  What do you think the price will be when DVC begins selling points at Riviera Resort?

DVCNews Debates: Why are People Buying?

mt_ignore:DVCNews Debates2017 yielded some of the best sales numbers for Disney Vacation Club in years.  Points continue to sell at an impressive pace for all-time-high prices.  But exactly what is prompting buyers to continue to shell-out nearly $180 per point?  Is it the appeal of resorts like the Polynesian and Copper Creek?  Impressive owner perks like Moonlight Magic, the Epcot Lounge and theme park ticket discounts?  Is it merely a reflection of a healthy economy?

 Topic:  Which factor(s) are primarily responsible for strong DVC direct sales numbers?

DVCNews Debates: Resale Importance

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesThe manner in which Disney Vacation Club contracts hold their value is somewhat unique in the timehsare industry.  While many timeshares are worth pennies on the dollar when attempting to re-sell, DVC owners have often found they can sell their points for as much or more than they originally paid.  Of course, that's only useful if you actually do sell the points--resale value is irrelevant to those who continue using their points year-after-year.      

 Topic:  Thinking back to your original purchase, how important was the perceived resale value?  Would you still have bought if DVC didn't hold its value quite as well?