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DVCNews Debates: Unlikely Waitlist

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesThe waitlist process for Disney Vacation Club accommodations can be a very useful tool.  Even though a specific resort or villa type is fully booked, DVC maintains a waiting list to aid members as cancellations occur. However, the popularity of certain resorts and room types leaves some waitlist requests rather difficult to fill--particularly for longer trip lengths or when trying to book on short notice.

What is the most unlikely waitlist request you've ever had filled by DVC?

DVCNews Debates: Importance of DVC Leader

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesLong time Disney Vacation Club executive Terri Schultz has been elevated to the Senior VP position following the reassignment of Ken Potrock. During his 5-year term, Potrock was the public face of DVC, writing for the quarterly member magazine, appearing in promotional videos & on members-only cruises and making himself available to owners at events like the annual condo meetings. Members seemed to benefit from his stewardship via enhanced member perks, special ticket offers and the addition of an exclusive lounge above Epcot.

How important is the head of DVC in influencing your overall satisfaction with the program?

DVCNews Debates: Moonlight Magic Attendance

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesThere has been some frustration over the speed with which certain Moonlight Magic theme park events have filled, often within 1-2 hours of reservations opening. The growth of DVC means there could be more than 30,000 members at WDW on any given night. Theme parks with only 3 or 4 headliner attractions don't have the capacity to accommodate that volume of riders during a 3 hour event. Capping attenance leads to frustration from those who are shut out, but expanding the limit could result in longer wait times than normal operating days.

Should DVC continue to limit attendance for these events or expand, regardless of the overall impact to attendees?

DVCNews Debates: Wait for Riviera?

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesA decade ago, Disney Vacation Club refused to acknowledge Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, despite the fact that it was widely known to be the next timeshare destination. At the time, DVC feared that buyers would hold off purchasing current resorts, opting to wait for points at Bay Lake Tower.  More recently, DVC has at least acknowledged new destinations while withholding important details like price and point structure until much closer to opening.  This policy continues with Disney’s Rivera Resort, a property announced more than 2 years before its opening.  

Do early details regarding Disney’s Riviera Resort make you want to hold off buying DVC points elsewhere?

DVCNews Debates: Perks for all?

mt_ignore:DVCNews DebatesIn 2016, Disney Vacation Club implemented a new policy which excluded future resale buyers from benefitting from many member perks unless they own points purchased direct from DVC.  The policy clearly serves as an incentive to buy direct from DVC rather than cheaper resale points.  Though there are some benefits to the so-called "qualified" owners in that they have an increased chance of landing a spot in certain activities which may have limited attendance.  

Do you like DVC's policy of limiting the perks, or should they just allow all owners to participate equally?