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DVCNews Debates: Buy vs Rent

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Even those who have purchased their own Disney Vacation Club points have likely contemplated the question of renting vs buying.  Ownership provides more control over reservations, access to member perks and the greatest long-term financial benefit.  However, renting requires a lower up-front commitment, access to more Home resorts and the ability to easily alter vacation patterns (or end visits entirely.)  

 Topic:  How would you evaluate the question of renting vs buying?  Whether an owner or not, do you think you made the right decision?

DVCNews Debates: Reason to Avoid

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Most of us have had SOME bad encounter at a Disney Vacation Club resort.  Maybe a room was not cleaned as thoroughly as it should have been.  Maybe Cast Member training was sub-standard.  Maybe the style or decor of the resort just doesn't suit one's tastes.  But was the poor experience enough to make you want to completely avoid the resort in the future?  

 Topic:  Have you ever had an experience that made you want to avoid a resort on future visits?

DVCNews Debates: Wilderness Lodge enhancements

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When changes to Disney's Wilderness Lodge were first announced, some members voiced disappointment.  Expansion of the resort's quiet pool, addition of a new restaurant and waterside cabins would undeniably change the look and feel of the resort.  But now that Boulder Ridge Cove Pool, Geyser Point Bar & Grill and the Cascade Cabins are complete and open to the public, perhaps there is a different feeling toward the changes.  

 Topic:  Are you pleased with the new & updated amenities offered at Disney's Wilderness Lodge?

DVCNews Debates: Favorite DVC Collectible

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Disney Vacation Club merchandise has taken many forms over the years.  Among the familiar items are clothing, lithographs, jewelry, handbags, trading pins, Vinylmation figurines...the list goes on and on.  Some items are available exclusively from DVC as promotional giveaways. Others are offered for sale, sometimes in very limited quantities.  

 Topic:  What is your favorite Disney Vacation Club collectible?

DVCNews Debates: Disneyland vs WDW

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While many theme park attractions are replicated at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, both theme park complexes also have their share of unique qualities.  Starting with the compact nature of Disneyland vs the spaciousness of Walt Disney World, both also have their own unique hotels, restaurants, shops and even attractions.  Still many theme park fans seem reluctant to visit both coasts. 

 Topic:  Do you like to visit both DL and WDW or do you prefer to stick to one or the other?  Why?