DVC Policies & Procedures

Spring Disney Files on Member Website

For those who may have missed it, the Spring 2008 issue of Disney Files magazine is finally available for download at DVCMember.com.  The mag is in PDF format which can be viewed on any computer with the proper document reader software installed (visit www.acrobat.com for details.) 

To find the PDF, log into DVCMember.com and click on the "News" menu.  The link to Disney Files can be found at the bottom of the page.

The hardcopy edition of the Spring '08 Disney Files was sent to members around the beginning of March.  The Summer issue is scheduled to be mailed very shortly.

Commercial Renting Limitations Amended to POS

For years the DVC Public Offering Statement has included vague prohibitions of "commercial" renting of DVC points without truly defining what constitues commercial activity.  It now appears that DVC has taken steps to define commercial point renting, as well as sanctions against members who violate those rules.

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