$1500 Welcome Home Discount for Add-on Purchase

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Bonus savings for current Disney Vacation Club members could take net prices as low as $161 per point for a 150-point add-on at Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Disney Vacation Club is promoting an additional discount of $1500 as a "Welcome Home" bonus when adding points during a Disney trip. The incentive applies to add-ons of 150 or more points for at least three resorts: Grand FloridianDisney's Riviera Resort and Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas

This bonus can be combined with standard promotional incentives for all 3 resorts, as well as the Magical Beginnings program which offers a credit of up to $22 per point for foregoing the first year's worth of points. 

The base rate of all 3 resorts is currently $217 per point. Current incentives for Grand Floridian points reduce the price by approximately $24 per point for a 150-point add on. In combination with Magical Beginnings ($22 per point discount) and this Welcome Home offer ($10 per point discount), a current DVC owner could add 150 points at the Grand Floridian for around $161 each. 

Similar prices are available for Riviera and Aulani. The amount of the bonus is fixed at $1500 and does not increase with larger add-on purchases. 

Fine print accompanying the offer indicates that "Welcome Home offer expires at Disney resort or cruise check-out/debarkation, or 5 days after initial onsite interaction." Members interested in the Welcome Home offer may wish to contact their DVC sales representative to discuss exact terms for qualification. Or if vacationing at Walt Dinsey World or Disney Cruise Line, speak to a DVC sales rep. 

Thanks to Angel for the heads-up!