Save Up to $22 Per Point Via Magical Beginnings

Financial News & Pricing

Disney Vacation Club is currently offering a credit of up to $22 per point to buyers who are willing to forego their first year's worth of points. 

The Villas at Disneyland HotelThe Villas at Disneyland Hotel

Magical Beginnings is an program which dates back more than 20 years. In an effort to accommodate people buying points while at Walt Disney World who do not have immediate plans to return--and reduce the cost of the purchase--DVC would offer to buy back the first year's worth of points for a predetermined price. 

The amount of the credit may vary, but DVC is currently offering a credit of up to $22 per point for selling back their first year's worth of points. Consider The Villas at Disneyland Hotel which has a base price of $230 per point. An add-on of 150 points currently takes the price down to $210 each ($20 discount). Adding the Magical Beginnings promotion could reduce the cost by another $22 each, taking it down to $188. 

Depending upon the Use Year purchased, the impact on the buyer may be very minimal. July owners are currently in their 2022 Use Year which runs from 7/1/2022 through 6/30/2023. A new point purchase at most resorts would include those 2022 points. Selling the points back to DVC means the buyer would forfeit the 2022 points in exchange for the credit. However, the buyer would still receive their 2023 points  mere weeks after the purchase. 

The exact terms and conditions may vary by resort. Note that The Villas at Disneyland Hotel is not providing any points for the 2022 Use Year. Buyers wishing to take advantage of Magical Beginnings would have to sell back their 2023 points, receiving the first set of usable points in the 2024 Use Year. The normal point borrowing rules apply, allowing buyers to use the points early if they wish. 

Owners are still responsible for annual dues payments on points which are sold back to DVC via Magical Beginnings

These offers are subject to change at any time. Contact a Disney Vacation Club salesperson to discuss exact terms of the Magical Beginnings credit for specific resorts.