DVC Offer Discounts Bay Lake Tower Up To $48 Per Point!

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As rates increase for two Disney Vacaction Club properties, an impressive savings opportunity is unveiled for another. 

Bay Lake Tower

For a limited time, first time buyers can save up to $42 per point for purchases at Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort, while current owners can save up to $48 each for add-ons. These discounts apply to the resort's current base price of $245 per point. Discounts vary depending upon the number of points purchased, as detailed below:

New Member Discounts - Bay Lake Tower

150-174 points: $14 off per point
175-199 points: $16 off
200-249 points: $26 off
250-299 points: $30 off
300-499 points: $35 off
500-999 points: $40 off
1000+ points: $42 off

Existing Member Add-On Discounts - Bay Lake Tower

100-124 points: $12 off per point
125-149 points: $14 off
150-174 points: $20 off
175-199 points: $27 off
200-249 points: $43 off
250-299 points: $46 off
300+ points: $48 off

For existing owners, the impressive add-on incentive drops the rate to just $202 each for 200 points and $197 per point for 300 or more. These discounts are more than double previous offers which discounted 200 Bay Lake Tower points by just $10 each for first-time buyers and $13 for add-ons. Closing costs and other fees may apply. Ownership at Bay Lake Tower runs through January 31, 2060. 

In other pricing news, the base price for Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas and Disney's Riviera Resort is now set at $207 each. Incentives introduced in fall 2021 remain unchanged

The new incentives for Bay Lake Tower--along with current offers for Aulani and Riviera--are scheduled to end on March 2, 2022. 

Thanks to Chris from dvc.market for the tip!