Walt Disney World Annual Passes Remain Available for Purchase

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More than two weeks after sales resumed for Disney Vacation Club members and a week after sales reopened to the general public, all varieties of Annual Passes for Walt Disney World remain available for purchase.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass 2022

On November 22, 2021, Walt Disney World's Pirate Pass, Sorcerer Pass and Incredi Pass were abruptly made unavailable for purchase. In the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many frequent guests had allowed their passes to expire with the intention of buying a new pass at the start of their next visit to Florida. The suspension of Annual Pass sales was both unexpected and unprecedented. While prices have risen over the years, Disney has offered guests a year-round admission option for decades.   

For more than 16 months, guests could only speculate about whether the passes would ever return. Finally on April 6, 2023, Disney announced that Annual Passes would soon make their return.

Beginning April 13, qualifying Disney Vacation Club members could begin purchasing the exclusive Sorcerer Pass which grants access to the 4 theme parks about 340 days per year for a current price of $969 plus tax. With the resumption of sales came a warning: annual passes "may not be available at any given time." The implication was that all Annual Pass sales for Walt Disney World may open and close unexpectedly, and guests should not count on being able to purchase the pass at any time of their choosing. Over the past year, sales of Disneyland Annual Passes has opened and closed several times with the more popular passes being pulled after 3-4 days. 

Nevertheless, DVC Members were promised that the Sorcerer Pass would be "on sale more often throughout the year, even when the pass is not broadly available for sale to Florida Residents."

One week later on April 20, sales of the $1399 year-round Incredi Pass reopened to all guests. In the 8 days since, neither the Sorcerer Pass nor the Incredi Pass has been blocked from purchase; both remain available as of this writing. This is good news for Disney Vacation Club members and other guests who hope for a return to the days when Annual Passes could be purchased as-needed. 

Still, the threat of another unexpected pause remains, along with the inevitable price increase which last occurred in November 2022. While DVC committed to making the Sorcerer Pass available more than other types of theme park admission, there are no guarantees that it will be available exactly when some owners wish to purchase. 

Visit the Walt Disney World annual pass website for purchase details. Note that eligible Disney Vacation Club members must be logged in with a Disney account tied to their DVC ownership in order to buy the Sorcerer Pass.