More Than 50 Villas at Grand Californian?

Grand Californian Hotel

Many DVC members were initially disappointed when its first west coast expansion was announced.  That disappointment is rooted in the terribly small scope of DVC's first Disneyland-based resort--a meager fifty villas a the Grand Californian Hotel.  Well, Honor Hunter tells us there may yet be more villas added to the queue.

According to the Blue Sky Disney blog, inside sources are reporting that the fifty villas currently under construction at the Grand Californian will not be the end of the DVC presence in that resort:

Speaking of the Grand Californian, those 250 rooms should be done in time for the new water show that premieres in spring of 2010. Although the new expansion has only 50 DVC units, it won't be long before more are coming... by the end of this decade there will be a great deal more in the planning.

Disneyland fans should note that this particular "Blue Sky Alert" contains a wealth of information regarding future development plans for the left coast complex.  Included are tid-bits regarding the Disneyland Hotel refurbishment, plans for additional resorts and many details about Disney's plans for spending $1.1 billion (or is that $800 million?) to spruce-up Disney's California Adventure.

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