Villas at Disneyland Hotel Points Charts Released

Villas at Disneyland Hotel

As we move closer and closer to sales of points for Villas at Disneyland Hotel, the Disney Vacation Club points charts have been released for 2023 and 2024.

Villas at Disneyland Hotel 

Disney Vacation Club has published the charts which list the number of points required to book rooms in Villas at Disneyland Hotel. As expected, the charts list a variety of different room types including 2-person Duo Studios with both a Standard and Preferred View and Deluxe Studios with Standard and Preferred View. One Bedroom, Two Bedroom and Three Bedroom Grand Villas are available only with a Preferred View. The Duo Studio and Deluxe Studio are also available in a Garden Room. By default, the two Studio room types do not have patios or balconies. At a minimum these Garden Rooms do include the addition of a balcony overlooking one of the resort's pools. 

Villas at Disneyland Hotel Points 2024

Links to the 2023 and 2024 charts for Disneyland Hotel can be found below:

Several days ago the Maximum Reallocation values were revealed for Disneyland Hotel, suggesting that room costs would be very similar to Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. Is this the case?'s complicated. 

Despite several years of changes to the DVC points charts for Walt Disney World based resorts, Grand Californian has stuck with charts that contain only 4 seasons. The Disneyland Hotel charts have been released with 7 seasons. complicating the process of comparing dates and room types. The chart below illustrates the nightly costs of a Two Bedroom Villa between the two resorts for one Grand Californian season. 

  January 7-31 February 1-24 September 1-15 September 16-30 October 1-3
Grand Californian Two Bedroom Villa 46 / 56 46 / 56 46 / 56 46 / 56 46 / 56
Disneyland Hotel Two Bedroom Villa 43 / 53 52 / 61 49 / 59 52 / 61 60 / 69


At the Grand Californian, all of the dates listed above currently fall within a consolidated low season, with rooms priced at 46 points per weekday and 56 per weekend. In the new Disneyland Hotel charts, these dates are spread over 4 different seasons with most of January running about 7% less than Grand Californian. On the other end of the spectrum, October dates are priced more than 30% higher for Disneyland Hotel

A similar pattern is found in costs for Deluxe Studio rooms.

  January 7-31 February 1-24 September 1-15 September 16-30 October 1-3
Grand Californian Deluxe Studio 17 / 22 17 / 22 17 / 22 17 / 22 17 / 22
Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Studio Standard View 13 / 16 17 / 20 15 / 18 17 / 20 20 / 23
Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Studio Preferred View 15 / 19 20 / 24 18 / 22 20 / 24 23 / 26
Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Studio Garden Room 19 / 23 24 / 28 21 / 25 24 / 28 28 / 32


Here, Standard View Deluxe Studio rooms at Disneyland Hotel are generally cheaper or on par with the Grand Californian studio. Preferred View rooms start a bit lower in January at Disneyland Hotel and quickly surpass its neighboring resort. The early October dates in a Preferred View Deluxe Studio require 35% more points than a comparable room--with balcony or patio--at Grand Californian. The Garden Rooms with the balcony or patio are universally higher for these dates, requiring up to 65% more points than a Deluxe Studio at the Grand Californian

However, if we expand the comparison to include the first week of January, Disneyland Hotel suddenly fares much better. January 1-6, 2024 are currently in the highest priced season at Grand Californian with rates of 30 / 37 points for a Deluxe Studio and 86 / 108 for a Two Bedroom villa. At Disneyland Hotel. those same nights are as low as 13 / 16 points for a Standard View Deluxe Studio and 43 / 53 points for a Two Bedroom. As such, comparisons will vary greatly depending upon individuals' travel patterns. 

Refer to the points charts for a more complete view of how costs vary from season-to-season and room type to room type. 

The new 7-season charts for Disneyland Hotel may set the table for similar reallocations in the Grand Californian charts. However the earliest that can happen would be 2025.