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Disney Vacation Club introduced its online reservation system about a week ago.  Today we take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the online system to aid members as they begin to navigate this useful tool.  

Question:  What are the operating hours of the online reservation system?
Answer:  The system is available virtually 24 / 7.  A maintenance window is scheduled at approximately 2am eastern, during which the system is down for a short time.

Q:  What time can reservations be made 11 or 7 months prior to arrival?
A:  Reservations for check-in dates which are exactly 11 months (Home resort) or 7 months (non-Home) away can be secured beginning at 8am eastern.  Attempts to reserve  a room exactly 11 or 7 months out--prior to 8am--will return an error message.

Q:  Which destinations can be reserved using the online reservation system?
A:  Reservations are available for the 11 Disney Vacation Club resorts.  Bookings for the Disney Collection, Concierge Collection and others must go through Member Services.

Q: How many consecutive nights can be booked online?
A:  Members are permitted to book up to 7 consecutive nights, exactly 11 or 7 months prior to arrival.  If the reservation is secured closer to the arrival date, up to 14 consecutive nights can be reserved using the online system. 

Q:  Can reservation dates be changed or extended online?
A:  No.  Any changes to an existing reservation must go through DVC Member Services.

Q:  Can the list of guests attached to a reservation be modified online?
A:  No.  Any changes to the traveling party must be communicated through DVC Member Services.

Q:  Can a reservation be cancelled online?
A:  Yes.  Reservations can be cancelled by visiting the Vacation Center, viewing Upcoming Vacations and the details for a Travel Plan.  Among the Travel Plan details is a link to Cancel this Travel Plan.

Q:  Can room requests be entered when securing a reservation online?
A:  No, not at the time of the reservation.  Limited requests can be specified during the Online Check-in process.  More detailed room requests (view, floor, building, etc.) must be communicated to DVC Member Services.

Q:  Can points be banked or borrowed online?
A:  Yes.  Banking of points must occur prior to beginning the reservation process.  Borrowing can be completed while booking by selecting the Borrow Vacation Points link.   

Q:  If members have multiple contracts, can they determine from which contract(s) points are drawn for a given reservation? 
A:  Yes.  Members can decide exactly how points are to be allocated to an online reservation.   

Q:   When can members view availability for non-Home resorts?
A:  Not until 7 months prior to arrival.  Owners will only see availability for their Home resorts beginning 11 months prior to arrival.  Given the constantly-changing nature of member bookings, there would be little value in presenting availability before members can actually book a certain accommodation.   

Q:  If a member has an existing reservation and wishes to switch to another resort, view, etc., can that process be completed online?
A:  Yes, but the cancellation and rebooking are two separate transactions.  If points committed to an existing reservation are to be used for a new booking, the existing must be cancelled first.   This is similar to the process used by Member Services to cancel an existing reservation and book at a new location.  

Q:  Can members enter waitlist requests online?
A:  Yes.  Waitlist requests can be entered for resorts / villas which are not currently available.  When searching for a reservation, unavailable accommodations will feature a link which can be used to create the waitlist request.  Members can even designate an existing reservation to be cancelled if the waitlist is filled.

Q:  Are there limits to the number of waitlist requests a member can enter?
A:  Yes.  Members are still limited to only 2 active waitlist requests at any point in time. 

Q:  Can members see where a waitlist request stands in the queue relative to other members' requests?
A:  No.  There is no way to determine where a waitlist request stands relative to others' requests.   

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