Financial News

Price up to $104 Soon!

This is the final week for current DVC members to add additional points before the prices increase.  Current prices for both Saratoga Springs and the Animal Kingdom Villas are $101 per point, with discounts of $10 at SSR and $8 at AKV available for purchases over 50 and 100 points, respectively.  On June 4th the base price increases to $104 per point.  There has been no official word on how the price increase may impact promotional discounts.


No Property Taxes in Florida?

Florida legislators are considering a plan which would eliminate property taxes for all primary residences in favor of a 2.5% increase in state sales tax.  Sadly timeshares and other vacation homes are excluded from the proposed plan.  If adopted, DVC members would continue to pay property taxes on their ownership, and be subject to 8.5% sales tax on purchases made at Walt Disney World.


DVC is extending the usage deadline for Developer’s Points acquired in recent new and add-on purchases.  Any Developer’s Points must now be used within twelve months of committing to the purchase, up from the previous seven months.  Reservations cannot be made until seven months from the check-out date, but owners of the points have a full 12 months in which to ultimately use the points.


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