Member creates DVC Investment Calculator

If you're in the market for a quick estimate of how much Disney Vacation Club ownership can potentially save, there's a new web-based tool to simplify your calculations.


The website was created to provide a quick comparison between the costs of DVC point ownership vs. hotel stays over the same period of time.  

Users start by selecting a resort, number of points, cost per point and years remaining on the deed.  For those looking to finance, the loan terms may also be entered into the calculation.  Also chosen are the average hotel cost per night, number of nights and number of vacations per year.  

The tool then calculates the total DVC cost and total hotel cost over the indicated period of time.  Inflation estimates are provided for both the DVC annual dues and the hotel costs.  

The tool is "unofficial" in every sense of the word--it was not created or is it endorsed by any Disney or Disney Vacation Club entity.  

While this is far from a definitive analysis, it does provide a good entry-level comparison of the two vacation approaches.  It can also be useful for comparing various purchase options, for instance a contract at Disney's BoardWalk Villas purchased resale for $90 per point with only 25 years remaining vs. a higher priced 50-year contract at Disney's Polynesian Villas.  

When looking at those "savings", just don't forget to make an allowance for up to 50 years of travel expenses, theme park admission and Mickey ice cream bars!

To give it a spin, visit


DVCNews Reader Comments: -- kwazibear
2017 May 08 03:06:53 PM
Clicked on the link and it did not work.
Re: Member creates DVC Investment Calculator -- denlo
2017 May 08 05:01:30 PM
kwazibear wrote:
Clicked on the link and it did not work.

I just checked the link and it comes up for me.
Yikes! -- Frolic1
2017 May 08 08:41:57 PM
I have 850 points spread over several resorts, with an average purchase price of $85 per point. I just plugged in the numbers and my projected total investment over 50 years just made me gasp!
Re: Member creates DVC Investment Calculator -- TinyTGO
2017 May 10 12:00:12 PM
Just played around with it... Love it! Very fun

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