Copper Creek helps boost direct sales in April 2017

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In April 2017, 243,754 Disney Vacation Club points were sold for the DVC resorts located at Walt Disney World. This represents the best month for direct sales in almost four years.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

The boost in sales is due to the start of sales for Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, but also due to very strong continuing sales for Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.

Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge — In April, 51,675 points were sold for Copper Creek, the 10th DVC resort at Walt Disney World. Copper Creek sales began on March 8, 2017 to existing DVC members and to new members on April 5, 2017.  The first deeds were recorded by the Orange County Comptroller on April 14, 2017. The vast majority of Copper Creek deeds recorded in April were purchased by existing members but a few new member deeds began to appear toward the end of the month.

DVC Direct Sales April 2017

Included in the sales for Copper Creek were three Fixed Week deeds: Two for studios with walk-in shower and one for a one-bedroom villa.

Disney has declared 48 of Copper Creek’s 184 vacation homes for the DVC inventory. In terms of points, the 48 declared vacation homes account for about 1,021,430 (30.7%) of the resort’s 3,321,966 points. As Disney sells more points for Copper Creek, it will declare more vacation homes for the DVC inventory.

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows — With 167,904 points sold in April 2017, the Polynesian recorded its third best month for sales. It has now sold 72.6% of its 4,032,720 total points. Taking into account the 2% that Disney must retain, there are still about 1,024,985 points that can be sold to the general public.

In its brief 27 month history, the Polynesian has averaged 108,147 points a month in sales. But in the last 12 months sales the resort has averaged 132,418 points per month. Even though Copper Creek is now available to buyers, it appears Disney is still keeping the Polynesian center stage in its marketing efforts.

Disney has declared 312 studios and 16 bungalows, which represents 85.9% of the Polynesian’s total points for the DVC inventory. There are still 48 studios and four bungalows that are undeclared and are under the control of Disney. Disney can use the undeclared inventory any way it wishes, including for cash reservations.

In April, one Fixed Week deed was sold for a Polynesian bungalow. So far, 92 Fixed Week deeds have been sold for the resort including three in the last seven months. Most of the Fixed Week deeds - 51 - are for the last six weeks of the year. The most popular week for Fixed Week sales is week #52 with 19 deeds. A breakout of the Fixed Weeks shows that 52 deeds have been sold for Lake View studios, 28 deeds for Standard View studios, and 12 deeds for bungalows.

Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas — Sales data for Aulani is only available through January 2017. In January, 27,466 points were sold, marking the third consecutive month that Aulani sales have failed to break 30,000 points. In the three months ending January 2017, Aulani averaged 25,886 points. By comparison, for the three months ending January 2016 the resort was averaging 66,326 points.

The sales data includes all nine DVC resorts at Walt Disney World, as well as Disney's Vero Beach Resort, Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, and Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas. Point sales data is not available for the Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. The data is compiled from deeds filed by Disney Vacation Development and recorded with the Orange County (FL) Comptroller, the Indian River County (FL) Clerk of Court, the Beaufort County (SC) Register of Deeds, and the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances.

Thanks to Imdizfan for helping compile sales data!

Wil Lovato is a contributor to and has been a Disney Vacation Club owner since 2009. His DVC Home Resorts include Bay Lake Tower, Animal Kingdom Villas, and Aulani. He can be found posting on many Disney discussion forums under the username of “wdrl.”