General DVC News

Getaway Days Recap

This weekend Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel played host to California’s first official member event.   Originally scheduled for Saturday and Sunday the event was extended an additional night on Friday to accommodate the unexpected demand from members. 

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DVC Allowing 100-Point Initial Purchases

For the last decade the Disney Vacation Club has had a minimum purchase threshold of 150-160 points for first-time buyers.  Individuals could become members by purchasing smaller contracts on the resale market.  But there are signs that Disney may now be willing to consider selling smaller contracts as well. Add a comment


Disney Reports Better-Than-Expected Results

The Walt Disney Company issued its second quarter report on Tuesday and results were better than projected.  Many expected the parks and resorts division to suffer due to the sluggish economy and high gas prices. Instead revenue increased 11% over the same period last year and profit was up 33%. Add a comment