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Will the Economy Impact DVC Values? columnist Jennifer VonHoffman has written an article which examines the topic of whether economic woes could contribute to declining values of Disney Vacation Club contracts. Amidst talk of a faltering economy, the subject is a popular one:  Could the volume of resale contracts hitting the resale market force DVC to lower its Right of First Refusal threshhold?  And if so, to what extent? 

Check out Jennifer's take on the situation and let us know what you think.

Updated: Doorway to Dreams Events Scheduled for August

Disney Vacation Club has planned another series of events in conjunction with its Chicago-based Doorway to Dreams sales center.

Note that we've added additional information regarding the event sessions available to non-members, and links to websites at which folks can register to attend.

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Unofficial DVC Podcast Debuts

mt_ignore:  uvmpodcastDisney Vacation Club members now have a podcast to cater exclusively to their own unique niche in the Disney landscape.  The Unofficial Vacation Magic podcast debuted several weeks ago and the first three episodes are now available to be streamded or downloaded from its website. 

For further information visit

Note that the podcast is an unofficial fan production and is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company, Disney Vacation Club or