Disney Vacation Club 2023 Dues Balances Posted

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Disney Vacation Club members should find that 2023 annual dues are now posted to their accounts. However high traffic to the members-only website is causing some delays. 

Virtual Queue 202212

In the wake of DVC's annual condo meeting on December 8, annual dues balances are now posted on the member website. Owners should see their full 2023 payment obligation, with any credits or back-charges from the 2022 year reflected. Most notably, property taxes for the year are always presented as estimated amounts with adjustments made later in the year. If a resort's property taxes were over-estimated for 2022, owners should see a credit applied to their 2023 dues. If taxes were under-estimated, an additional charge will be applied to make up the difference. 

To view the amounts for 2023, log into the members-only website and click on "My DVC" then "My Dues." Owners can go into the transaction history to view detail by date and contract. 

If paying in full, the amount for 2023 is due by January 15. A 31-day grace period is offered, with the account subject to penalties and interest after February 15, 2023. Members may also sign up for monthly direct debit from a U.S.-based bank account. Dues are charged in 12 monthly installments with no additional fees or interest applied. Expect the first withdrawl to occur around January 15. 

Posting of the dues is generating a high volume of traffic for the site. Visitors may find that they are routed to a virtual queue before being able to log into the DVC member website. Fortunately wait times do not appear to be excessive, running approximately 1-2 minutes before granting access to the site.