Price of One-Time-Use-Points Drops to $20 Each

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In an unusual move for Disney, the price of Disney Vacation Club One-Time-Use-Points has declined by $2 each. 

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Earlier this week, new DVC purchase incentives were revealed. Among the pricing changes implemented was a decline in the Magical Beginnings trade-in rate. Magical Beginnings is a program which allows buyers to effectively sell-back the first set of points on their new DVC contract in exchange for a one-time credit. Through mid-2023, that credit was valued at $22 per point. As of September 12, it declined to $20 per point. 

Disney Vacation Club has since mirrored this value in its so-called one-time-use-points. One-time-use-points are exactly what their name applies: they are points which can be purchased by owners and used just a single time. As of September 2023 the rate for one-time-use-points has declined from $22 per point to $20 each. 

One-time-use-points are ostensibly designed for situations where owners come up just short in their annual point needs. Each owner can purchase a maximum of 24 one-time-use-points per year. The points are only valid for booking DVC accommodations 7 months in advance; no Home resort priority is attached to the points. 

The price of one-time-use-points debuted at $15 each in 2010. It remained at that rate until 2017 when the price rose to $17 each. Later increases brought the price up to $19 and then $22 per point, before falling back down to $20 each in September 2023. 

Owners should contact DVC Member Services in order to purchase one-time-use-points. All purchases are final, and the points are ineligible for banking, borrowing or transfers. Additional details can be found on the DVC website

Thanks to Angel for the tip!