Prices Rise for One Time Use Points

DVC Policies & Procedures

More than seven years after Disney Vacation Club began offering "One Time Use" points, the price has gone up a bit.  

Disney Vacation Club

Effective October 1, 2017, the price for One Time Use points has increased from $15 per point to $17 per point.  

One Time Use points were introduced back in 2010 as a means for owners to buy extra points needed to complete a reservation.  As the name implies, the purchase entitles owners to use the points for just a single reservation.  There are no annual dues payments associated with the One Time Use points.  

Owners can make one purchase per year for up to 24 total points.  All points from the current Use Year must be spent before any One Time Use points can be added.  One Time Use points can only be used for reservations made 7 months prior to arrival.  

Payment is due at the time the reservation is secured and there are no refunds offered if the reservation is later cancelled.  

For additional details or to purchase One Time Use points, contact Disney Vacation Club Member Services.