RUMOR: Disney Vacation Club Price Increase Coming in December 2022

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Disney Vacation Club appears poised to increase its direct prices for points by nearly 5% at several resorts. 

Disney's Riviera Resort Shore NightDisney's Riviera Resort

According to multiple sources, DVC is set to raise the prices of its active resorts from $207 per point to $217 each in early December 2022. While not officially announced by DVC, numerous sales reps have contacted customers to relay word of the pending increase, encouraging them to purchase at current rates. 

The timing of this increase is a little sooner than recent years, but still roughly in line with other price adjustments. DVC has been known to raise its base prices in the first quarter of each calendar year. The last increase occurred back on February 3, 2022 when the base price rose from $201 to $207 per point

This increase is expected to apply to all three active resorts which includes Disney's Riviera Resort, Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas. Older "sold out" resorts may also be subject to a higher rate. 

Disney Vacation Club is currently developing Villas at Disneyland Hotel out west. The new location is expected to open some time in 2023 with sales commencing in the coming months. This price increase likely sets the table for initial pricing of Disneyland Hotel points. 

Following past practices, DVC should continue to offer some promotional incentives on all four locations. Current incentives are detailed on our Pricing & Promotions page. The current discounts are scheduled to end on November 16 with new offers likely to follow on the 17th. The exact makeup of the new offers remains unknown. If this timeline proves accurate, buyers may see new incentives unveiled on the 17th, 2-3 weeks before the increase in base price. 

Reminder that all pricing data noted above is subject to change at any time. Contact a Disney Vacation Club salesperson to receive the most accurate data regarding current offers.