"DVC Helper" app ready for Apple's latest

WDW Vacation Planning News

The latest software release for Apple mobile devices arrives today and a new point management solution is ready for Disney Vacation Club members.

DVC HelperDVC Helper is the latest DVC point tracking app to enter the iTunes marketplace.  The app is compatible with most recent Apple mobile devices including 4 generations of the iPhone, 3 flavors of the iPod Touch and all iterations of the iPad.  

This particular app has also been updated to support the larger screen of the iPhone 5, scheduled for release on Friday September 21.  (Note that most other apps will still function with the iPhone 5 but will not completely fill the larger 4" screen until updated by their developers.)  

DVC Helper is a Disney Vacation Club points DVC Helpercalculator which computes the number of points required for a stay.  One unique feature allows users to display the cost of all resort options which do not exceed a specified point threshold.  For instance, users can select an arrival and departure date and then request to see all resorts / villas for those dates which cost less then 150 points (or any desired amount.)

DVC Helper is a universal app and is currently available for $1.99 via the iTunes store.