OKW Progress Report - June 2018

Old Key West Resort

By the end of June, renovations should be complete on more than 1/3 of the villas at Disney's Old Key West Resort.  

Disney' Old Key West Resort - Construction Wall

As previously reported, the Turtle Pond Pool closed for renovations back in April 2018.  Crews have used the pool closure as an opportunity to update rooms in the immediate vicinity.  The entire cul de sac is currently walled off with buildings 41-44 being refurbished.  

Updates are expected to be completed before the end of June to coincide with reopening of the Turtle Pond pool complex.  

Upon completion of buildings 41-44, a total of 18 of the resort's units will be fully renovated.  Buildings completed at this time include 30-35, 45-48 and 53-56.  

Note that none of the renovated buildings are in the "Near Hospitality House" booking category.  All are located in the southernmost half of the resort, along Old Turtle Pond Road, South Point Road and the back half of Peninsular Road.  

Upon completion of buildings 41-44, thirty-one buildings still require updates including 36-40 in the Turtle Pond area and 49-52 in South Point.  Updates to the remaining South Point buildings may necessitate changes to theme park bus routes.  These buildings surround another cul de sac which is used as a turaround point by all buses.  

Work began back in October 2017 and is expected to extend well into 2019.  No completion estimates have been revealed.  

Interior photos of renovated Deluxe Studio and One and Two Bedroom Villas have been posted by our friends at Allears.net