Contract Extensions for OKW Owners?

Old Key West Resort

Multiple sources are reporting that DVC is considering a plan under which owners at Disney’s Old Key West Resort would be given a one-time opportunity to extend their contracts from the current ending date of January 31, 2042 until January 31, 2057.  This information should be regarded as rumor at this time and the price DVC would charge for such an extension is entirely unknown.

One reason DVC may be considering such a plan is to fill a looming sales need for DVC.  Given the number of points remaining at Saratoga Springs and the relatively small number of units in the first stages of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas (around 100), DVC may be on a pace to sell-out of these two properties nearly a year before the Kidani Village units at AKV begin coming on line.  Given that DVC is constantly re-acquiring points at the older resorts via its Right of First Refusal, extensions at Old Key West would enable DVC to turn its own OKW holdings into full 50-year offerings.  DVC would then be able to market 50-year contracts at Old Key West to new and current members for several months while construction progresses at AKV.

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