Ft Wilderness Cabin Filings Cite End Date, Pet Policies and More

Ft Wilderness Cabins

Disney Vacation Club has filed several new documents related to the Cabins at Disney's Ft Wilderness Resort & Campground which reveal new details about the project, including resale restrictions and numerous references to the rumored Trust product. 

Cabins at Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort Interior Bedding

Over the holidays, Disney Vacation Club began filing documents with the Orange County Comptroller related to the new Ft Wilderness Cabins coming to DVC in 2024. More than 100 pages were submitted, most of them covering standard timeshare rules and disclosures made with every new DVC project. However a few items stand out as being unique to the Cabins

Every Disney Vacation Club development has a stated end date. Specifically, the expiration date of the ground lease between Walt Disney Parks and Resorts--the legal owner of the land--and Disney Vacation Development. For the Cabins, the ground lease ends on January 31, 2075, signaling the now familiar contract duration of roughly 50 years from its projected mid-2024 opening. 

The now familiar resale restrictions are present for the Ft Wilderness Cabin association. Like Disney's Riviera Resort and The Villas at Disneyland Hotel, any deeded contracts for the Cabins purchased off the reseale market can only be used to book stays at the Cabins. And resale points purchased after January 19, 2019 at any resort cannot be used to book the Ft Wilderness Cabins.

The Cabins will be the first pet friendly DVC destination. Dog-friendly, to be more specific. The rules allow for up to 2 dogs per cabin with no stated maximum weight limit.

  • Dogs must be "fully trained and are not allowed on furniture anywhere on the Resort Property."
  • When outside of a cabin, dogs must be accompanied at all times and either within a carrier or restrained with a leash.
  • They are not permitted in food and beverage locations, lounges, pools and other recreation areas.
  • They cannot be left unattended for more than 7 hours.
  • Guests with dogs must contact housekeeping to schedule a room cleaning time when the animals will not be present.
  • Door hangers must be displayed on cabins where dogs are present. 

Also, Disney reserves the right to evict the dog if it proves disruptive to other guests: 

"Dogs cannot disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other guests. if Management Company, in its discretion, determines that a dog's behavior is objectionable to other guests or creates a disturbance, the responsible Owner, lessee, guest, invitee, licensee, or exchanger must immediately remove the dog from the Resort Property and arrange for the dog to be housed outside of the Resort Property at such user's sole expense."

There is also a stated dog fee of $30 per night for owners and $50 per night for "lessees, guests, invitees, licensees and exchangers." DVC reserves the right to adjust the fees in the future, and even claims that the right to have dogs on property is not guaranteed, stating that individuals "should not purchase a Vacation Ownership Interest in reliance on the continued ability to bring dogs onto the Resort Property."

Finally, the new Disney Vacation Club Trust product that was revealed in December now appears even closer to a reality. Documents for the Ft Wilderness Cabins include a 17-page "Bylaws of Palmetto Trust Association, Inc." Read our prior coverage on the Trust filings for some early thoughts on the pros and cons of such a product. Key questions regarding resorts that may be included in the Trust, booking windows, room availability remain unknown, and it would be difficult to speculate until details are revealed by DVC. 

New concept art for the Ft Wilderness Cabins was released last month. They will open in mid-2024 as the seventeenth Disney Vacation Club destination. 

h/t DISboards