Paris DVC Under Consideration

In his lastest Blue Sky Alert, Disney blogger Honor Hunter reviews proposals being considered for the Europe's Disneyland Paris Resort.  Posting on his Blue Sky Disney blog (, Hunter claims that DVC units are part of the plans being reviewed by Disney execs--and the plans could even go beyond DLP itself.

According to the October 3rd blog post:

"While no new hotels are planned there are several proposals, all in early stages of course, for Disneyland Paris to get its own DVC units. There are even proposals planned for DVC units in other parts of Europe, but that's a different story for another day(stay tuned for posts on that!). Don't expect to see any of these until the end of this decade at the earliest... although one Bothan expects the openings to correspond to the 20th anniversary if plans go well and the European economy doesn't tank."

Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating it's 15th anniversary, having opened in April 1992.  It's 20th anniversary would therefore be celebrated in the year 2012. 

Source:  Blue Sky Disney