Hilton Head Resort Still Closed

Hilton Head Island

Twelve days after being hit by Hurricane Matthew, Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort remains closed to guests.  

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Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort

The Hilton Head resort has not yet reopened after Hurricane Matthew impacted the Atlantic coast over the weekend of October 8, 2016.  

Disney Vacation Club has taken a cautious approach to cancelling reservations, hoping to accommodate as many guests as possible.  Earlier this week Cast Members were telling incoming guests that they had hoped to reopen in time for the weekend.  However, unofficial estimates have now been pushed back as far as October 27 for a potential reopening.  

Disney's public statement on the resort is currently the following:

Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort remains closed due to the impact from Hurricane Matthew. The team continues to work diligently to prepare the resort to welcome back Guests and Members as soon as possible. We are making progress each day and are very appreciative of your patience as we work toward resuming normal operations.  We look forward to sharing more information, including a reopening date, when it is available. 

Few details have been disclosed regarding the hurricane's impact on the Disney resort.  The entire Hilton Head area suffered from downed trees & flooding as well as physical damage in the wake of the storm.  In a natural disaster of this magnitude, area resources are bound to be strained as thousands of businesses and residents struggle to recover. 

DVC has relaxed its cancellation policies in the wake of the hurricane.  Members with upcoming reservations can contact DVC Member Services to discuss their options.