Wilderness Lodge refurb under way

Disney Vacation Club is wasting no time with its hard goods refurbishment of the Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  

VWL Refurb 2014

Renovated One Bedroom villa panorama

In December Disney Vacation Club revealed plans to complete a hard good refurbishment of all Wilderness Lodge villa rooms.  "Hard goods" is Disney's designation for the most comprehensive room update.  Nearly all elements of the guest room are replaced, repaired or refinished to bring the facilities back to a like-new condition.  

Workers have already completed renovations on all 5th floor villas at the Wilderness Lodge and are now working on 4th floor units.  

VWL Refurb 2014

Among the updates to each villa are:

  • Addition of fold-down 5th sleeper to all Deluxe Studio villas.  Unit is identical to beds installed at the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort with Bambi artwork replacing the Dumbo imagery found on Grand Floridian sleepers.
  • Replacement of living room armoires and televisions
  • Bambi-themed living room throw pillows.
  • Repainted kitchen cabinets and new granite countertops.
  • New stainless steel appliances.
  • Durable faux hardwood flooring.
  • Living room area rugs.
  • Updated wallcoverings, windowcoverings and linens.
  • All light fixtures and ceiling fans replaced.
  • New bathroom tile and fixtures.

VWL Refurb 2014

Similar projects at Disney's BoardWalk Villas and Disney's Old Key West Resort required more than a year to renovate all villas.  DVC is pursuing a much more aggressive timeline with this project.  All villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge are expected to be renovated by the end of March 2014.  

Thanks to Tyler for the information and photos!

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Wilderness Lodge refurb under way -- Ranger275
2014 Feb 11 09:59:13 AM
That is good, VWL really needed an update.
Re: Wilderness Lodge refurb under way -- Diana
2014 Feb 11 08:24:58 PM
We stayed there in October and were very disappointed in the rooms. The rooms were just too dark and looked outdated. It definitely needs to be refurbished and I'm glad they will be making the rooms look like new.
Re: Wilderness Lodge refurb under way -- Goofygrl
2014 Feb 11 10:02:58 PM
Best I can say - just awful, boring and bland. :sick: :boohoohoo: :badpc:
Re: Wilderness Lodge refurb under way -- Cheltenham
2014 Feb 12 06:16:29 AM
I was there in May 2013 and the rooms looked kind of beat up. Overall the refurb looks pretty good. I like the wooden floors.

There does seem to be a trend, however, to tone down the theming when these rehabs are done. I do not want the rooms in all of the DVC resorts to look essentially the same.
Re: Wilderness Lodge refurb under way -- TimK
2014 Feb 12 12:38:14 PM
I have to say VWL was my least favorite room decor of all DVCs so this is definitely an improvement in my mind. We had a hunter green tile countertop in an older house 12+ years ago so I developed an aversion to that color. Struck me as VERY early-90s.

This could be a case where photos don't do it justice. Looks like there are still some brighter colors in the bathroom, kitchen tile, area rug, but it no longer looks like a 20-year old lake cabin that was stuck in time.

That's my two-cents.
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