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OKW Contract Extension Paperwork

Read more: OKW Contract Extension PaperworkDVC is in the process of extending contracts at Old Key West Resort an additional 15 years through January 31, 2057.  Current owners have the option of either accepting or declining the extension.  Whether they accept or decline, the current owner must complete a number of contracts with DVC.

The DISBoards' "WebmasterDoc" decided to try and complete his paperwork while vacationing at Walt Disney World.  The experience makes for an interesting read for those impacted by the Old Key West extension.  Click HERE to view the report.


Old Key West Booking Categories Now In Place

Last fall the Disney Vacation Club reported that it was creating a separate booking category at Disney's Old Key West Resort.  This category would enable members to guarantee placement in a room near the Hospitality House at the time the reservation is secured, pending availability of course.  Now it appears this change has been fully implemented.  


OKW Painting Scheduled

DVC has announced that buildings 41, 42, 43 and 44 at Disney's Old Key West Resort will be closed January 13 through March 15, 2008 for exterior painting.

These buildings are located in the Turtle Pond area, and the dates partially overlap with the pool refurbishment scheduled in that section of the resort.  The pool closure is currently scheduled for January 14 through February 10, 2008.


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