Hilton Head Resort Still Closed

Twelve days after being hit by Hurricane Matthew, Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort remains closed to guests.  

Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort

The Hilton Head resort has not yet reopened after Hurricane Matthew impacted the Atlantic coast over the weekend of October 8, 2016.  

Disney Vacation Club has taken a cautious approach to cancelling reservations, hoping to accommodate as many guests as possible.  Earlier this week Cast Members were telling incoming guests that they had hoped to reopen in time for the weekend.  However, unofficial estimates have now been pushed back as far as October 27 for a potential reopening.  

Disney's public statement on the resort is currently the following:

Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort remains closed due to the impact from Hurricane Matthew. The team continues to work diligently to prepare the resort to welcome back Guests and Members as soon as possible. We are making progress each day and are very appreciative of your patience as we work toward resuming normal operations.  We look forward to sharing more information, including a reopening date, when it is available. 

Few details have been disclosed regarding the hurricane's impact on the Disney resort.  The entire Hilton Head area suffered from downed trees & flooding as well as physical damage in the wake of the storm.  In a natural disaster of this magnitude, area resources are bound to be strained as thousands of businesses and residents struggle to recover. 

DVC has relaxed its cancellation policies in the wake of the hurricane.  Members with upcoming reservations can contact DVC Member Services to discuss their options.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Hilton Head Resort Still Closed -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2016 Oct 20 01:49:17 PM
We are on the event e-mail list for The Jazz Corner just down the street from the HHI Resort and they had to cancel their big charity golf event due to the condition of the course. They stated "100's" of trees are down at the course.

Certainly hope the big mossy covered oaks at our resort survived.
Re: Hilton Head Resort Still Closed -- kcooley
2016 Oct 20 03:16:28 PM
And to think - we were supposed to stay at a different resort on HHI for three nights (10-6 through 10-9) then check in for a night at the Disney resort on 10-9. We cancelled both reservations the morning before the governor issued the evac order.
Re: Hilton Head Resort Still Closed -- denlo
2016 Oct 20 05:24:52 PM
It sounds like the island itself might be having lots of problems including water and sewer problems from what I have read on the internet from some pretty good sources. So even if Disney's HHI resort is in good shape unless they have access to these basic items that would essentially keep them closed.
Re: Hilton Head Resort Still Closed -- DreamPlannerBeth
2016 Oct 20 07:49:14 PM
We own a home on HHI, just on the other side of Shelter Cove. We went down to check on our house last weekend & while we were there, we drove down into Shelter Cove. We stopped at the gate to the Disney property. There were no trees visible on the roofs, but there were several vans parked at the entrance that had Wet Vacs in the back. Lots of leaves & small limbs down. There are still many places where trees block roads that don't need to be accessed immediately. We were not allowed to go onto the beach & there was limited access in many places. We had electricity, sewer & water in our neighborhood, and the restaurants surrounding the Disney property were open for business, so I assume that the Disney property itself has those amenities. The island is not pretty right now. It looks awful, and people are still trying to get their feet back on the ground. It's a mess.
Re: Hilton Head Resort Still Closed -- denlo
2016 Oct 21 07:37:23 AM
Perhaps guests just need to think of the locals and let them get back on their feet at their homes and businesses before we invade them again in large numbers. For some locals they depend on the tourists though for their living, so I expect they hope it will be pretty soon. It sounds like DHHIR is hoping to open by the end of the month. I expect any activities are very limited right now. And who knows what the beach looks like and whether the beach house is operating yet.
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