Vero Beach Resort Reopens, Hilton Head in Limbo

One of the two Disney Vacation Club resorts impacted by the weekend's hurricane has reopened to guests.  

Hilton Head Island Resort

Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort

A Disney Vacation Club spokesperson confirmed that Disney's Vero Beach Resort reopened to guests on Monday, October 10, 2016.  No noteworthy damage has been cited as operationgs resumed.  

Meanwhile Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort remains closed.  Officials had asked residents to stay off the island while they completed a damage assessment.  Hilton Head Mayor David Bennett announced that the island would reopen the afternoon of Tuesday, October 11.  

Disney resort staff will need time to assess the property and determine a date to resume operations.  Residents and visitors to the island are warned that physical damage, flooding, downed trees and other issues will complicate travel and leave stores, restaurants & other business struggling to cope for days and weeks to come.  

News website posted arial footage of sections of Hilton Head showing damaged marinas, boats thrown aground and blocked roadways.  

Local news outlet has provided extensive coverage of the storm's impact on the Hilton Head area.  

Hurricane Matthew was classified as a Category 2 storm--with winds of up to 110 miles per hour--when it hit Hilton Head Island in the morning hours Saturday, October 8.  

Guests with upcoming reservations at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort are encouraged to contact DVC Member Services to discuss their options.  DVC continues to work with guests, allowing late cancellations and late banking of points for reservations which are impacted by the storm.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Vero Beach Resort Reopens, Hilton Head in Limbo -- simbasmom
2016 Oct 11 12:19:01 PM
Someone who has a condo in Shelter Cove and "rode out the storm" there reported on Facebook that things don't look too bad relative to the rest of the island. And I read that some homowners on the island are being allowed back. I also read, for fellow Salty Dog fans, that they're OK. Hudson's-not OK.
Re: Vero Beach Resort Reopens, Hilton Head in Limbo -- denlo
2016 Oct 11 09:47:39 PM
We followed a drive around by one islander that stayed home during the storm. He drove through the Shelter Cove Town Center, but did not drive up the rode to the DVC resort or even the marina. The shops look better than anywhere else on the island. It was like they had had some rain and that is all. The road to the beach house was a mess, they couldn't even get all the way through as there was so many down trees. Also the lagoons there were very high water, some flooding the streets. We did see a video that showed the beach house and it looked okay. I saw some still photos taken on the persons TV and there didn't look like any roof damage. But a thorough examine will be needed to be sure.
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