Dog-friendly resort policies & relief area maps

While no Disney Vacation Club properties are slated for inclusion, Walt Disney World has published guest guidelines and maps of "relief areas" for its four dog-friendly resorts. 

Disney's Yacht Club

Disney's Yacht Club Resort

Guests may now bring dogs to four Disney-operated resort hotels in Florida.  Fees of $50-75 per day apply, and guests are subject to a variety of restrictions including:

  • Dogs should not be left unattended in the guest room for more than seven hours
  • If dogs are disruptive to other guests, owners are required to address the problem within 30 minutes
  • Housekeeping services will not be provided without the owner present
  • Dogs are not permitted in food & beverage locations, pools, fitness centers, theme parks or other public areas

Click on the images below for the complete list of rules and diagrams of the pet relief areas.

Dog Guidelines

Due to ADA guidelines, service animals are exempt from most of these restrictions and the additional fees.

Dogs are currently being accommodated at Disney's Art of Animation Resort, Disney's Ft. Wilderness Resort & Campground, Disney's Port Orleans Riverside and Disney's Yacht Club Resort.  Thus far, Disney has not given any indication that these policies may expand to any Disney Vacation Club resorts.  

Dog Guidelines AOA

Art of Animation


Dog Guidelines AOA

Ft. Wilderness


Dog Guidelines AOA

Port Orleans Riverside


Dog Guidelines AOA

Yacht Club


DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Dog-friendly resort policies & relief area maps -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Oct 17 02:17:09 PM
I'm surprised there is no weight limit, several pet friendly locations have a "not to exceed 25 lbs" rule.

Is it just dogs? If so, why not cats?

This is going to be ugly. A dog finds itself in a totally new location and the owners are gone for a day. Unless they bring a cage and lock the dog away for the day, the room is going to be trashed.
Re: Dog-friendly resort policies & relief area maps -- yensidw
2017 Oct 17 02:48:37 PM
So one of the relief areas at the Yacht Club is near the quiet pool? How lovely that's going to be.
Re: Dog-friendly resort policies & relief area maps -- denlo
2017 Oct 17 03:25:51 PM
I forget how little green space there is around the Yacht Club. Most is frontage area near entrances. I think with the two so close together and next to a quiet pool will give the dogs more reasons to bark.
Re: Dog-friendly resort policies & relief area maps -- twinklebug
2017 Oct 17 06:44:27 PM
I'm sure if I still had a dog I'd feel differently about this, but I just can't see this working out. Just one or two guests out of thousands bringing their pets who choose not to follow the rules and big problems can happen. Complaints will be made, police may be involved depending on the severity.

I do believe they could never institute anything like this at either Kidani or Jambo due to welfare of the animals on the savanna, so my investment is safe from these changes. What about all the others that share their amenities with hotels though?
I'm a dog lover -- mickeyt
2017 Oct 18 07:02:44 AM
Just not sure how this will work. If I'm paying $400 - $500 for a room and i come back for a nap and there's a barking dog in the room next door then............ Or will there be a section? Hold rooms for dog owners?
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