Win a Walt Disney World Pressed Penny app!

If you're a fan of pressed penny collecting at Walt Disney World, we have just the app to help you with your collecting efforts.  

Pressed Coins 2017

Pressed Coins - WDW is a new app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices, designed to help catalog all of the collectibles at a variety of Central Florida locations including Walt Disney World, Disney's Vero Beach Resort, Port Canaveral and even the Orlando International Airport.  

The app features both a list view and map view.  It supports text searches, allowing users to enter a characer or location to find machines which match the criteria.  

The app was created by Hollis Ambrose--maker of the DVC Planner and DVC Exective apps--and coin expert Chris Johnson.  It currently retails for just $.99 in the iTunes App Store, but a price increase is scheduled for May 1st.  

DVCNews has several codes for free copies of the app.  We'll be giving them away later this week via Twitter and Facebook so keep an eye on the DVCNews social media accounts for a chance to win! 

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Win a Walt Disney World Pressed Penny app! -- bwv dreamin
2017 Apr 17 10:03:05 AM
Really like the pressed pennies. Fingers crossed I win!! :goodvibes:
Re: Win a Walt Disney World Pressed Penny app! -- disneydan864
2017 Apr 17 12:30:24 PM
Any news on an android version of the app?

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Already bought it -- mickfan
2017 Apr 17 11:06:23 PM
Purchased this app a few days ago. Our grandkids like to press pennies and this seemed to fit the bill to show us where to find them and to track what we have, even by 4 users. Well worth the 99 cents.
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