Another Facelift for Resort Availability Tool

In just over 2 years since its debut, the popular Disney Vacation Club Resort Availability Tool is now on its third interface.  Fortunately this revision provides a pleasant improvement in its usability.

Resort Availability Tool

Originally appearing in June 2014, the Resort Availability Tool quickly gained popularity among members as a way of searching for open rooms.  The tool allows owners to search up to 11 months out--regardless of individual points ownership--while selecting multiple resort and villa size options.  

Resort Availability Tool

The new format provides a simplified interface, designed for both desktop web browsers and touch-friendly mobile devices.  The intial search screen displays a scrollable calendar for selecting dates, selectors for each of the 4 primary villa sizes and check boxes for each DVC resort.  

Resort Availability Tool

Results are grouped by resort, which each villa option categorized as Full Availabilty, Partial Availability or No Availability.   

Search options can be easily customized with three top menus, allowing adjustments to the dates, villa sizes and resorts selected.

Resort Availability Tool

The "View Availability Calendar" feature accesses a pop-up calendar which displays detail on nights which are and are not available.

Resort Availability Tool

The Resort Availability Tool can be found on the Disney Vacation Club member website.  It is only accessible to DVC owners who have website credentials.  The feature can be found under the "Plan Vacations" menu.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Another Facelift for Resort Availability Tool -- JaxFLBear
2016 Nov 04 09:03:41 AM
I really like the improved entry of the selection criteria, but prefer the old way the results were displayed.

PLUS: You can now book up to 30 nights on-line. Still limited to only 7 nights right when the booking window opens.
Re: Another Facelift for Resort Availability Tool -- denlo
2016 Nov 04 11:01:13 AM
I have to confess that I don't use the Resort Availability Tool (RAT) that often. I usually just go into booking. Perhaps now I will check the RAT more when we are thinking of a spur of the moment trip.

After recently staying at Vero Beach, I decided to use it as an example for checking for availability. We would be interested in Ocean View Inn rooms at VB. The first thing I noticed that that was not an option in the requests. So I selected studio for VB and three categories popped up, Garden View and Ocean view Inn Rooms and Deluxe Studios. I will have to use it more but it appears I was still clicking a lot to get to what I wanted to see.

It has an attractive appearance. I need to try it on my phone or iPad to see how works with mobile devices.
Re: Another Facelift for Resort Availability Tool -- drcoulsey
2016 Nov 04 06:32:12 PM
denlo wrote:

It has an attractive appearance. I need to try it on my phone or iPad to see how works with mobile devices.

I have tried it a couple of time using my iPad. It works very well. I like the new format.
Re: Another Facelift for Resort Availability Tool -- DVC OR BUST
2016 Nov 07 09:50:42 PM
I like it.
I do miss the filter for WDW though. Still handy to pick each one of interest.
When I looked today AK Value rooms did not seem to display........
If you like the old view where you can click on the resort and room views etc. Still the same when you explore DVC resorts under one of the other tabs.
I do wish you could sort it by ALL AVIL dates at top or low points to high points total.
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