Individual toiletries eliminated from some Disney hotel rooms

Walt Disney World has begun removing individual toiletries from some of its hotel guest rooms.  


Website WDW News Today is reporting that Disney is eliminating the individual bottles of boday wash, shampoo and conditioner from hotel rooms.  In its place, resorts are installing larger bottles mounted to the wall with pump dispensers.  

This solution would seem to be more economical as it replaces the small, single-guest size bottles--which often end up packed in luggage for the return home--with a larger size bottle able to serve multiple parties before replacement is necessary.  The larger bottles may be viewed as a benefit to some guests who tend to run out of bath products during their stay.  Officially, Disney Vacation Club's policy is to only replace toiletries on Trash & Towel and full cleaning days.  

The larger bottles are still H2O brand bath products.

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort is confirmed to be impacted by this change via photos presented in the WDW News Today report.  It is not known if the change will expand to Deluxe and Disney Vacation Club resorts.   

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Individual toiletries eliminated from some Disney hotel rooms -- simbasmom
2017 Aug 19 12:38:59 PM
I don't have a problem with this. Every National Park we've stayed in, and every cottage in Alaska we stayed in, had the larger wall-mounted dispensers. I think it was part of the green initiative. I'll admit that I'll kind of miss the little trial sizes-I volunteer at the local Hospital's Ronald McDonald Family Room, and I used to always bring back the extra little trial sizes for the parents to use when they shower (surprisingly, lots do). However, I support this change.
Re: Individual toiletries eliminated from some Disney hotel rooms -- twinklebug
2017 Aug 19 01:34:56 PM
I think it's entertaining that all the disney news sites have picked up on this as though it's a major announcement.
It's just soap, shampoo and conditioner. We always bring our own anyway. The travel sized items stocked in the rooms usually come home to be donated to the Christmas kits the local scouts make for the homeless.
Re: Individual toiletries eliminated from some Disney hotel rooms -- Cheltenham
2017 Aug 19 01:58:07 PM
I really hope they don't put these things in the DVC units. They may be OK in a gym shower but they don't belong in a "deluxe" accomadation. If they aren't cleaned properly - a real possibility - they get gross.
Cheesy. -- northwestbound
2017 Aug 19 06:00:24 PM
Green or cheap? I find this as another way for Disney to cut costs and decrease quality while not lowering the cost of a hotel room. I would be very concerned about sanitation. This seems very cheesy to me. Even "cheap" hotels provide individual soaps and shampoos. Disney's hotels are supposed to be a cut above Motel 6 style hotels, even Disney's value hotels, but lately it seems like they are falling below "Motel 6". First they remove the comforters and replace them with thin blankets and an addition "topper" sheet and now they want to take away soaps and shampoos. Disney's quality is decreasing quickly.
Re: Individual toiletries eliminated from some Disney hotel rooms -- denlo
2017 Aug 20 10:36:16 AM
We have encountered this dispensing system on cruise ships and at hotels. On most of cruise ships I thought was a pain because the shower area was so small that you often hit the dispenser system while showering. At hotels it didn't bother me at all. I do miss taking home the small bottles as we often would use them at home as a treat and reminder of what it was like to be at WDW or Aulani.

We always take showers, but I was wondering how this would work for guests that take baths only. The dispensers are usually waist high on the wall. IMO it would be fall about to happen for bathers. Although for a parent bathing a child it might work out well.
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