2016 Member Cruise Coverage

The 2016 Disney Vacation Club member cruise departed New York City on Wednesday, September 28.  Through videos and blog posts, we have an inside look at some of the activities and exclusive guests who will be entertaining members through the duration. 

Member Cruise 2016

Member Cruise departs New York City (copyright 2016 The Walt Disney Company)

Disney Vacation Club has posted to YouTube the 6-minute sail away video which highlights many of the guests and events planned throughout the 4-night sailing to Nova Scotia.  Click below to view the video in its entirety.  

Among the celebrity guests joining members on the voyage are:

  • Filmaker Don Hahn provides a look back at the animated classic 'Beauty and the Beast', as well as a look at the forthcoming live action feature
  • Former Broadway 'Belle' actress Ashley Brown with a live performance of songs from the film
  • A look behind the scenes of the animated film 'Moana'
  • The 2017 DisneyNature release 'Born in China' will be screened in its entirety
  • Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde with an insider look at changes planned for one theme park in 'Evolving Disney's Animal Kingdom'
  • Writer Pablo Hidalgo with a look 'Inside LucasFilm'
  • Voice actors Bill Farmer (Goofy) and Jason Marsden (Max) will 'Get Vocal'
  • Don Hahn shares stories and anecdotes as they celebrate 75 years of Disney's film studio
  • Animator Andreas Deja and historian Stacia Martin present 'The Art of Good and Evil', and later interact with cruise guests during the 'Artists Academy'

The cruise also features a college football-themed deck party, unique trivia games with the ship's celebrity guests, evening dance parties and more.  

Additional information can be found at the Disney Parks Blog.  

The next exclusive member cruise is a 7-night sailing to the Caribbean in August 2017.  The 2017 cruise is already sold out.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: 2016 Member Cruise Coverage -- Buddy Bear
2016 Oct 04 12:29:54 PM
The DVC Member cruise was my 13th DCL cruise, I state this to qualify myself as someone who is familiar with sailing on a DCL ship. I have been on all 4 and on the Magic 6 times prior to last week's Member Cruise.

This was my first Member Cruise and more than likely my last. Although I think that DVC did an exceptional job of organizing this *charter* it's programming and overall environment is not for me. For whatever reason, this cruise usually has a very low percentage of children. As I spoke to others going on the cruise it seemed they preferred it that way. This cruise appeared to be more of an escape from children so that the adults could have an enjoyable cruise. Most of the programming was geared towards adults and DVC appeared to be fostering this "adult only" cruise mindset. I was told there were only 150 kids on this cruise. I can't confirm that information, but visually, on the ship, I would say that was a generous number.

I have been on a repositioning cruise, I understand that there are cruises that have low children attendance. We took our child out of school for the 3 days so she could go on the Member cruise. I understand that is not an option for everyone, but some parents seemed to almost use it as a, somewhat lame, excuse to allow them to go and leave their kids behind.

Basically this is two-sided, DVC seems to target adults, and the adults are okay with it which is why historically this cruise has had a low percentage of children.

The thing that had me really frustrated was that a company whose main focus over the last 25 years is to bring families together on vacation does the opposite with their Member Cruise.

I'll go back on another Member Cruise when DVC decides that it wants the whole family not just those who can hand them a credit card.

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