DVC Dooney & Bourke Bags Returning for the Fourth Time

Stop us if you've heard this before:  the Disney Vacation Club 25th Anniversary Dooney & Bourke handbags will soon return to the Disney Store online Member Marketplace.

UPDATE 7/17, 8am: Handbags are now available to order.  Click inside this story for direct links to all three products. 

UPDATE 7/17 8:45am: And now they are all showing sold out.  Shoppers could keep checking as they may return to stock during the day today.

Leather Letter Carrier

DVC 25th Anniversary Dooney & Bourke Shopper Tote 

On Monday, July 17 the popular Disney Vacation Club handbag collection is set to return to the online Disney Store. The bags feature Disney Vacation Club logo and imagery celebrating many of the DVC resorts.  Among them are are the Walt Disney World Monorail (Bay Lake Tower) a sea turtle (Vero Beach) the lobby statue from Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows and everyone's favorite Hilton Head mascot, Shadow.  

As of this writing, the items are not yet available for purchase.  Links below are from prior offerings of these items.  These links will likely go active early Monday morning.  If necessary, we will update this post to include accurate links when the sale begins.

Dooney & Bourke DVC 25th Anniversary Leather Shopper Tote (click to purchase)

$268 (less 20% discount for Disney Vacation Club members)

Leather Shopper Tote


Dooney & Bourke DVC 25th Anniversary Leather Letter Carrier (click to purchase)

$198 (less 20% discount for Disney Vacation Club members)

Leather Letter Carrier

Dooney & Bourke DVC 25th Anniversary Crossbody Pouchette (click to purchase)

$158 (less 20% discount for Disney Vacation Club members)


This no less than the fourth offering for most of these handbags.  All three bags were originally offered for sale in May 2016.  In January 2017 the Shopper Tote and Letter Carrier returned in limited supplies.  Then in May 2017, all three bags again appeared in the store.  During all of the prior offerings, the bags sold out quickly. 

Disney Store purchases over $50 ship free with the code DISNEYPAL.  Disney Vacation Club members will save 20% on DVC merchandise by shopping with the Disney online account linked to their DVC ownership.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVC Dooney & Bourke Bags Returning for the Fourth Time -- twinklebug
2017 Jul 14 11:50:40 AM
This is ridiculous. Not the designs, I do like those, but having to release it so many times simply because Disney won't restrict sales to one per person per day and DVC members only. They all popped up on ebay within the same 24 hours they were sold initially. Now the cool element of knowing another person who had the same design as you was most likely DVC also is gone.

I'm done attempting to get any "special" products Disney releases. I'll just stick to my tried and true favorites.
Dooney & Bourke, Not enough for sale -- kknuth
2017 Jul 18 09:57:08 AM
I wanted to buy the letter carrier bag on July 17th. I checked the web site at 12:30 am and they were not posted yet. At 6:15 am the bag I wanted was sold out. If more bags are going to be offered then maybe a count down clock needs to be set as with the Moonlight events. Also sales should be limited to 1 of each per day not 2.
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