Early Registration for 2018 Dark Side Half Marathon

Whether or not you've committed to The Light Side, it's almost time to book your walk on The Dark Side.
Dark Side Half Marathon

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 Disney Vacation Club members can get a four day head start on registration select events in the April 2018 Star Wars Half Marathon - The Dark Side hosted at Walt Disney World Resort.  The early registration period begins at 12 noon Eastern / 9am Pacific.  Those who miss out on the early registation will have to wait until Monday, May 22 at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific.  

The Star Wars Half Marthon - The Dark Side runs from April 19-22 2018.  Events planned for the weekend include the Half Marthon, Star Wars 10K, Dark Side Challenge, Star Wars 5K and runDisney Kids Races.  Early registration may not be offered for all events.  

Early registration capacity is typically very limited with popular events filling up within minutes of the booking start.  A registration link should be posted to DVCMember.com at noon on May 18th.  To access, log into the member website and visit the "Member Benefits & More" page.  Limiting the Benefit Type to "Special Offers" should make it easier to find details on the runDisney perk.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Early Registration for 2018 Dark Side Half Marathon -- kazrak
2017 May 18 11:37:38 PM
This is getting ridiculous. It hasn't even been a month since this year's Dark Side Half.

They keep this up, they'll be registering for next year's race before this year's is run.
Re: Early Registration for 2018 Dark Side Half Marathon -- mwehttam
2017 May 22 01:31:14 PM
Absolutely right, this is ridiculous. First year is was Nov '15 sign-up for the April '16 race, then it was Aug '16 for the '17 race. And, runDisney hasn't opened reg. for the Light Side, which is in Jan. From what I have read they are still negotiating/fighting it out with the City of Anaheim on the course, etc and that is why the Light Side hasn't opened yet. But due to no Kessel Run challenge as of yet, I have read many comments from people saying they are not signing up for the Dark Side.

Due to being in the middle of a kitchen remodel and funds being very tight, I might have to miss the '17 race. :(
Re: Early Registration for 2018 Dark Side Half Marathon -- mwehttam
2017 Jun 09 12:02:47 PM
Well, I couldn't stay away and signed my son and I up for the 5K and me for the Challenge. After the first two years, I can't stop!

Apparently I could have waited since as of today, 6/9, only the 10K is sold out. Much different then the first year when the entire weekend sold out in less then an hour or two.
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