Tracking Disney discounts

If you don't already have this website bookmarked, do it now.

MousePerks 2017

This doesn't exactly qualify as "breaking news."  After all, we wrote about way back in 2013.  But the site is just as useful today as ever. tracks all of the current discounts offered to Disney Vacation Club members, Annual Passholders, Tables in Wonderland participants and even Disney Visa cardholders.  Colorful Mickey head icons are used to identify credentials needed for the discount, with the percent discount listed in the center of the icon.  

MousePerks 2017 MousePerks 2017

Discounts listed cover dining, shopping, theme park tours, recreation and more.  Destinations include Walt Disney World, Disneyland along with the non-park DVC resorts in Vero Beach, FL, Hilton Head Island, SC and Hawaii.  

The site is wonderfully optimized for mobile devices and there is even a standalone Android app available.  Tip for users of iPhones and other Apple devices:  while on the MousePerks homepage, tap the "Share" icon (looks like a square with an arrow pointing upward), then "Add to Homescreen" and it will place a shortcut right on your mobile device.  

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DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Tracking Disney discounts -- simbasmom
2017 May 18 02:18:36 PM
I didn't know about this-how cool! My only question is how often is it updated? I see the BC Marketplace discount for the AP, but will that still show in October? My understanding is that the discount is only good until September, and I'd hate to be hoping for an expired discount.
Re: Tracking Disney discounts -- denlo
2017 May 18 02:39:03 PM
I guess we will know when October 1, 2017 comes around. Since MousePerks added the 20% discounts for the Magic Kingdom 45th anniversary 1 year celebration, I would think that the restaurants that were raised to the 20% discount will drop back to the 10% discount.
Re: Tracking Disney discounts -- Micah008
2017 May 18 07:19:33 PM
I am actually the person responsible for creating MousePerks, and I can say for sure that sometime in October I will update it to reflect the changes once the 45th anniversary promos end. I can't always keep the website and app perfect, since this is just a small side project for me, but I try to make sure I update it at least once every few months, in particular around the times of year that Disney tends to make major changes. The hardest part is actually that Disney is sometimes late (or inconsistent) in updating their own published information.

If you are ever curious the date of the last update for MousePerks, I put it at the bottom of the "About" page.

Although I am more active in a few other forums, I read this website often and try to keep up on the changes in the perks through here and other websites. But, if you ever see changes I miss, or find any unpublished discounts, feel free to reach out to me at any time either through here or email.

Re: Tracking Disney discounts -- athenna
2017 May 19 11:34:21 AM
Thanks! i wasn't aware of this site, it'll be a huge help in September. :thumbsup2:
Re: Tracking Disney discounts -- athenna
2017 May 19 11:36:43 AM
Micah008 wrote:
I can't always keep the website and app perfect,

Is the app for IOS? I am in the App store and dont see it.
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