Financial News

Annual Dues Info Now on Member Website

The 2008 Annual Dues charges have been posted to  To view, click on "My Membership" then "Annual Dues."  The full 2008 balance due should be listed. 

Those who have signed up for the monthly direct debit service should be charged roughly 1/12th of this amount each month.  Note that if 2007 property taxes were underestimated, that balance will be charged in January along with 1/12th of the '08 dues.  A paper statement with exact debit amounts should be on its way to members now.


Today DVC unveiled a new discount program for those buying into the program for the first time.  The previous incentives of $8 off at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas and $10 off at Saratoga Springs Resort are still in place.  However, those who are able to provide the name of an existing DVC member will get a little bit extra.


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