DVC adds pricing data to website

During recent upgrades to the Disney Vacation Club website, a wide variety of purchase information has been added including purchase prices, annual dues costs and financing information.

DVC Website

Annual Dues calculator on DVC website

These features may not be brand new but if you haven't gone poking around the Disney Vacation Club website recently, they are probably new to you.

Located under the "Explore Membership" tab of the DVC website are a number of pages and calculators which clearly illustrate the cost of purchasing a Disney Vacation Club ownership interest.  The "What Membership Costs" page allows visitors to select a Home resort and number of points.  The resulting display illustrates the base cost per-point, total purchase price, closing costs and monthly annual dues obligation.

DVC Website

Point purchase calculator

Some sample vacation data is also presented, illustrating one way that the selected number of points can be used annually.  

Beneath is a separate "Sample Vacations" link which highlights some vacation options at different point ownership levels.  

DVC Website

Sample vacations

Clicking on the "Learn About Financing" link allows potential buyers to enter the resort, vacation points, down payment and other relevant information.  The response clearly spells out the monthly payments associated with the purchase.   

DVC Website

Purchase financing estimate

Resort data presented on these pages is only available for properties being actively sold by Disney Vacation Club.  Currently those options include Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas and Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.  

For details visit DisneyVacationClub.com and click on the "Explore Membership" menu.

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: DVC adds pricing data to website -- rfc0001
2016 Jun 21 11:17:04 AM
As you mention in the article, this has been out there for a while, but a lot of the data wasn't previously populated :thumbsup2:
Re: DVC adds pricing data to website -- wdrl
2016 Jun 21 11:50:17 AM
Unless I completely missed it, there is no mention of the Guaranteed Week Option for either the Polynesian or Aulani. DVD seems to have no interest in marketing this option.
Re: DVC adds pricing data to website -- rfc0001
2016 Jun 21 12:26:45 PM
Does a "Guaranteed Week" impact the pricing?
Re: DVC adds pricing data to website -- rocy317
2016 Jun 21 01:02:15 PM
I find it interesting that PVB and AUL are the only resorts listed.
Re: DVC adds pricing data to website -- rocy317
2016 Jun 21 01:07:10 PM
rfc0001 wrote:
Does a "Guaranteed Week" impact the pricing?

It's the same price per point, but you have to purchase (and use) more points for the guaranteed week. Is that what you are asking ?

Here's a link to the Guaranteed Week point chart for VGF (I thought there was one on here for PVB, but I can't seem to find it. Probably user error :))

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