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Several years ago Disney introduced online check-in for stays at Walt Disney World resorts.  The idea was simple: guests could provide all of the information required for a check-in before even setting foot on Disney property.  The plan was to reduce labor costs while getting guests away from the front desk and into their rooms faster.  But many claim that the process is plagued by long lines at the pick-up desk, materials not being ready and other issues.

Topic:  Do you use the online check-in process?  Why or why not?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
As much as possible -- beepy
2012 Jul 23 02:02:26 AM
Online check-in is fantastic. We use it with every DisneyWorld Reservation. I wish it could be done for both the Grand Californian and Aulani. Our first trip to Aulani is in August (can't wait), so I don't know how big of a deal this will be, but if it helps avoid questions and errors that have to be resolved when we get there, all the better. It beats standing in line to get checked in at the regular check-in areas and saves time.
Not working smoothly -- Disney4Me71
2012 Jul 23 07:15:14 AM
I have been the one with the problems I guess. Disney can't find my stuff, they try to explain things to be..Process is long...Longer lines than the regular check-in line.

All I want to do is show up and get my packet and go to my room..The CM can ask if I have questions then send me on my way.
Works well for us. -- disneydadrrm
2012 Jul 23 07:59:27 AM
We have used the online check-in feature since its inception and have been satisfied with it . As with all new Disney ideas, it had a few glitches initially but has been working well since the first few months. We have even arrived before 11AM and had our room available to us on occasion. We usually visit at least three times a year so we have a good working history with the process. Sorry to hear the it doesn't always work as well for others.
Not particularly useful for me -- cherylf
2012 Jul 23 08:12:34 AM
I've used online check-in a few times and the last time we did, we got the WORST room we've ever had. AKV Kidani Savannah view with no actual savannah outside the balcony - you could see a savannah if you leaned over the railing and looked to the right but it was the far corner of the savannah and there were no animals in that corner. It was really a non-savannah room that they were passing off as a savannah view.
When I called DVC and the front desk, they very reluctantly changed our room but informed me that if you use online check-in, you get the first room that's available regardless of any special requests you've made (i.e. close to an elevator, a request for a particular floor or view, etc). Because of that, I won't be using online check-in again. It is convenient, but not if I don't get the room I want and then I have to move. In that case, it's very inconvenient.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Online Check-in -- bakerworld
2012 Jul 23 08:39:16 AM
We use online check-in. Most the time it works - always expecting us. Only once was the packet ready and it was just a hand-off. Most the time they still have to print the door keys so they usually ask many of the standard questions. At OKW we were given a HA room and were switched.

The one time that I found really confusing was our last visit. We did a late Thursday night arrival (midnight...maybe we were too early) and I really expected be handed the packet but the keys needed to be printed. Worked out because she told me which soda machine was working. We only stayed the one night and what I should asked for the was Do Not Disturb sign.
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