Member Services Still Mired in Confusion

DVC Policies & Procedures

As of the first of the year DVC began collecting additional demographic information on non-member guests staying in DVC accommodations.  The January 10th Vacation Magic email update finally included a formal statement from DVC, but it did little to clarify the situation.

Said DVC: 

“Effective immediately, Members making vacation reservations for a Guest through Member Services must provide Member Services with the Guest's name, address and phone number.”

The statement does nothing to address the reason for this change, nor does it mention further restrictions being communicated by Member Services Cast Members.  The most frequent complaint has been that members are meeting resistance when attempting to alter the names of non-member guests listed on current reservations and waitlist requests.  Follow-up calls to DVC indicate that such restrictions have not been implemented and the above statement from DVC would seem to confirm that stance.  It appears that many Cast Members are just as confused regarding this latest procedural change. 

Those who experience difficulties are advised to call back and speak with another—hopefully better trained—MS representative to attempt to complete the necessary modifications.