Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Disney Vacation Club Annual Pass Purchase

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As Walt Disney World prepares to open Annual Pass sales for the first time in nearly 18 months, we attempt to answer some of the most pressing questions asked by Disney Vacation Club members. 

Walt Disney World Annual Pass 2022

When can DVC members purchase a Walt Disney World Annual Pass?

Disney will open sales of the Sorcerer Pass to DVC owners beginning on April 13, 2023. Online purchase will be available as early as 6:00am eastern time. DVC Member Services opens at 9:00am eastern for guests requiring additional assistance.

The Incredi Pass will be available to all beginning on April 20, 2023. 

What are the current Annual Pass options offered for Walt Disney World

Disney currently offers four unique Annual Pass options:

  • Pixie Dust Pass: $399; Florida residents only; many blockout dates
  • Pirate Pass: $749; Florida residents only; blockout dates
  • Sorcerer Pass: $969; DVC members and FL residents; blockout dates around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
  • Incredi Pass: $1399; available to all guests; no blockout dates

See the Annual Passholder website for additional details on each pass type, as well as the blockout date calendar for a list of restrictions. 

Does DVC ownership qualify as residency in the state of Florida?

Simply owning DVC points does not qualify one for any Florida resident perks or promotions. DVC members cannot purchase the Pixie Dust or Pirate Pass unless they otherwise meet the criteria to qualify as Florida residents.

Do DVC Members qualify for any discounts off the price of an Annual Pass?

Technically, no. DVC members would pay the full $1399 price for the Incredi Pass, or any other pass for which they are eligible. However, the Sorcerer Pass is exclusively available to DVC owners and Florida residents. Members who are able to travel during the (approximately) 345 days per year when the Sorcerer Pass is valid currently save $430 per pass over the cost of the Incredi Pass.  

How long will Annual Passes for Walt Disney World be available for purchase? 

That is unknown. Statements from Disney suggest that pass sales will open and close periodically throughout the year, perhaps in an effort to regulate the number of Annual Passes issued at any given time. In a statement published on April 6, 2023, DVC Senior VP & General Manager Bill Diercksen claimed that members will have greater access to the Sorcerer Pass than even Florida residents: "The DVC Disney Sorcerer Pass is expected to be on sale more often throughout the year, even when the pass is not broadly available for sale to Florida Residents."

Does that mean that there will be times when the Incredi Pass is not available, yet eligible DVC members can still buy the Sorcerer Pass? 

Yes, that is our understanding. 

Could there be times when even the Sorcerer Pass is not available to DVC members?

Yes. Based upon the wording of statements from Walt Disney World and Disney Vacation Club, sales of Annual Passes--including the DVC Sorcerer Pass--are expected to be paused periodically. Perhaps within hours of when the passes are made available for purchase. 

Do you expect the Sorcerer Pass to sell-out quickly on April 13? 

While there are no guarantees, it would be rather strange for DVC to promote a 1-week advance purchase window for owners, along with enhanced availability going forward, only to quickly restrict sales of future passes. Our expectation is that the Sorcerer Pass will be available for purchase at least until April 20, 2023. Beyond that, future availability is less certain. 

How do I purchase a DVC Sorcerer Pass?

Log onto the Walt Disney World ticketing website with the same username and password used to access the Disney Vacation Club member website. All ticket options available for purchase should be presented, including the Sorcerer pass when available. 

Can all DVC members purchase the Sorcerer Pass? 

DVC owners must qualify for Membership Extras in order to purchase the Sorcerer pass. In order to qualify, owners must have at least 150 points purchase direct from Disney or be grandfathered at a lower threshold. Those who do not qualify for Membership Extras can still purchase the Incredi Pass, but only when it is offered. 

As an eligible Disney Vacation Club member, can I purchase the Sorcerer Pass for other members of my traveling party? 

Deeded owners can purchase the Sorcerer Pass for any members of their immediate family living at the same address. Photo ID is requried to prove that the residency requirement has been met. Each member may purchase up to 8 Annual Passes per year. 

Can DVC Members pay for the Annual Pass in monthly installments?

No. Only Florida residents have the option to split the cost over the course of the year via the Florida Resident Monthly Payment Program. DVC members must pay the full cost of the pass at the time of purchase.  

What forms of payment are accepted when buying Annual Passes? 

A wide variety of payment options are available including credit card, debit card, Disney Gift Card and Chase Disney Visa Rewards.

Do Annual Pass purchases qualify for 0% interest for 6 months when using the Chase Disney Visa? 


Can I upgrade Magic Your Way tickets to an Annual Pass?

Yes. Magic Your Way tickets can be upgraded to an Annual Pass up through the day that the final ticketed admission is used.

How do I upgrade a Magic Your Way ticket to an Annual Pass?

Some ticket upgrade options are available online via the My Disney Experience website. Guests may check the site to see if upgrade options are offered. If not, members are advised to contact DVC Member Services for assistance. Upgrades may also be performed at Walt Disney World Guest Relations.

How much credit will I receive for a Magic Your Way ticket?

The answer may vary depending upon the age and type of the ticket. At a minimum, the credit should be equal to the original amount purchased. Some tickets may receive a larger credit, up to the current value of the ticket type.

Can I apply the value of several Magic Your Way tickets toward the cost of one Annual Pass? 

No. Only one Magic Your Way ticket may be applied toward the cost of each Annual Pass purchased.  

If I purchase an Annual Pass, will it be immediately activated?

No. The pass will be added to the member's My Disney Experience account. The member will be eligible to make Park Pass reservations. However, the 365-day usage period of the Annual Pass will not begin until the first time the guest enters a Disney theme park. 

Can I buy multiple vouchers and hold them for future use? 

Vouchers must be activated within 365 days of their purchase. If a voucher is not activated within that timeframe, its original dollar value can be applied toward a future Magic Your Way or Annual Pass purchase. It is not known if Disney will allow guests to stockpile Annual Pass vouchers.

If I buy an Annual Pass now, will I be able to renew it after the year has ended? 

While Disney policies are subject to change at any time, they have been allowing current Annual Passholders to renew even when sales of new passes were halted.

What are the terms for renewing an Annual Pass? 

Annual Passes can currently be renewed from 60 days prior to their expiration until 30 days after expiration. The new 365-day usage period will begin immediately after the expiring pass has ended. Prices are discounted by approximately 15% for renewals. Renewal of the DVC Sorecerer Pass typically cannot be completed online, requiring a phone call to Member Services to confirm eligibility before being transferred to a ticketing agent. 

Complete details on Walt Disney World Annual Pass cost, terms and benefits can be found on the Disney Passholder website