DVC Hits the Road

General DVC News

Later this month the Disney Vacation Club and AAA are hosting an event dubbed the Disney Vacation Club Travel Show in Rochester, New York.  This event is Disney's latest effort to expand member functions beyond its theme parks and established DVC sales centers...but it will probably not be the last.

The Rochester event is scheduled for the weekend of November 13 - 16, 2008 at the Strong National Museum of Play.  Invitations have been sent to current DVC members living in the area, and those interested must RSVP by November 9.  A website has been established to RSVP for the event. 

The presentation will include prize giveaways, appearances by Disney characters and special purchase incentives for those looking to add more DVC points.

Disney Vacation Club has hosted similar gatherings at its California and Chicago-based sales centers in recent years, but this venture into an area where DVC does not have an established sales presence is somthing of a departure.  And according to our sources it will not be the last.  Locations and dates for future events have not been finalized, but the DVC / AAA Travel Show may just be making an appearance in a city near you.  Stay tuned!