VGC Founding Member Pricing

Financial News & Pricing

The 60-day Founding Member purchase window for the Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel has begun.  Following is a brief rundown of the purchase terms for those eligible to buy at this time. 


Founding Members are those who purchased their initial Disney Vacation Club ownership through the Disneyland sales center.  These buyers have been given a 60-day window to add points at the Grand Californian before sales will open to other DVC members.  The terms are as follows:

$112 per point less a promotional discount of $5 per point

Matching Developer's Points to be used at Saratoga Springs, a Disneyland hotel or RCI trade by October 3, 2009

100 point  minimum purchase / 500 point maximum purchase

The purchase can be split into contracts smaller than 100 pts, but the total points acquired must total at least 100

Those with a June Use Year or later will get 2009 points, February - April Use Years receive their first points in 2010

Estimated opening date is November 30, 2009

Unsold points will be available to other Disney Vacation Club members beginning on March 25, 2009.  It is unknown whether the same terms will apply or not.

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